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  Campfire Watermelon Ham

This is a culinary adventure that combines the smoky essence of campfire cooking with the unexpected juiciness and sweetness of watermelon. Here's how to create this mouthwatering masterpiece:Select the Right Watermelon: Choose a large, ripe watermelon that can comfortably fit your ham inside. The bigger, the better – you need enough space for your ham and some extra room for the magic to happen.Prepare the Watermelon: Slice off the top of the watermelon to create... [More]

By: Sapna Kanda On: 2024-03-11

  Fire Mastery 101

Gathering around a campfire is more than just a tradition in Scouting; it's an art, a science, and a communal ritual that brings us together under the stars. Mastering the perfect campfire is essential not only for the warmth and light it provides but for the memories created around its glow. From choosing the right wood to ensuring the fire is respectfully extinguished, each step is vital in crafting those perfect, shareable moments. As we... [More]

By: Sapna Kanda On: 2024-03-11

  Interview with Brian DeMetz

It would be no surprise to most of you, that I am a computer geek. After all my profession is managing websites & the servers they run on. Yet, I often find myself envious of those who have an artistic eye. Frequently it feels like my artistic eye is still in Kindergarten. That certainly is not true for our next guest.Many of you probably have never heard of Brian DeMetz, but I am certain you... [More]

By: InsaneScouter On: 2023-12-20

  The Whispering Woods Adventure

In the heart of the Whispering Woods, where the trees stood tall and the air was filled with the sweet scent of pine, a group of unlikely friends decided to embark on a camping adventure. Fuzzy, the black bear cub with a talent for cooking; Scout, his tan bear cub brother with a love for all things chocolate; Danny, the human boy and First Kid with a passion for pizza; James, Danny's best friend with... [More]

By: Scott Robertson On: 2023-10-24

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