You may have noticed the ads on the site, and maybe even the job listing for a sales people. You should know the ads have yet to cover the costs of hosting and other site costs. In other words, we are not even breaking even. We have advertisers so that, we hope in the future, we will not have to ask for you help. You devote enough time, money and spirit into your own units and your Scouts and for that we salute you.
Now and then people have asked why InsaneScouter? What does it mean? We even received several emails upset that we would make fun of the mentally challenged. The name InsaneScouter was chosen as a metaphor for the spirited, fun and wacky nature the kids have. For example. think about kids clowning around, a youngster sniffing a powered drink mix, or even how one says you're nuts to be a leader.
A: Great questions. Well a hard one to answer thought. Right now there are three ways for you to help us which are:

One, make a donation to InsaneScouter. donation page link    

Two, tell all your Scouting friends about us and link to us from your own or your units website. promote us page link

Three, you can email us content that you think should be added to the site or make suggestions of features we should add.
InsaneScouter was founded by Scott Robertson in 1998 (well that is all the farther back he can prove, we know it was more like 1996 or 1997) as a project to learn to develop websites. Over the years the site grew and the team has changed. The only things that have remained the same is Scott's devotion and the name InsaneScouter. Currently there are roughly 10 team members from four different countries. Bios are available at the bottom of the about page. about us page link.
Yes and No. I really don't know what kind of service projects your Scouts could do for us, but if you have an idea I will entertain it. If it is for an Eagle project, the answer is no. Eagle Projects are not suppose to benefit Scouting and even though we are not an official Scout organization, it is too close for us.

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