Citizen - Test Your Citizenship

Test A

  1. If you meet the President, you call him:
    1. your Highness
    2. your Excellency
    3. Mr. President
  2. The President and his family live in:
    1. Blair House
    2. the White House
    3. the suburbs
  3. The first President to live in the White House was:
    1. John Adams
    2. George Washington
    3. Thomas Jefferson
  4. We celebrate birthdays of two Presidents in February; they are:
    1. Washington and Lincoln
    2. Jefferson and Adams
    3. T. Roosevelt and F.D. Roosevelt
  5. During the War of 1812, when Madison was President, this famous song was written:
    1. the Battle Hymn of the Republic
    2. God Bless America
    3. The Star Spangled Banner
  6. Twenty-seven Presidents have studied:
    1. flying
    2. law
    3. astronomy
  7. The two big political parties today are:
    1. Republicans and Democrats
    2. Federalists and Whigs
    3. Conservatives and Liberals
  8. The U S National Anthem was written by:
    1. George Washington
    2. Francis Scott Key
    3. Benjamin Franklin
  9. The law says Presidential elections must be held on:
    1. the first Monday in October
    2. Halloween
    3. the first Tuesday in November

Test B

  1. We hold Presidential elections every:
    1. two years
    2. four years
    3. six years
  2. The United States is made up of:
    1. 13 states
    2. 37 states
    3. 50 states
  3. The parties pick their Presidential candidates in:
    1. Presidential primaries
    2. national nominating conventions
    3. by secret vote
  4. If a president dies in office, the next president is:
    1. the Vice President
    2. elected by the people
    3. the oldest Senator
  5. If you want to run for President you should:
    1. go jogging
    2. take a nap
    3. make speeches
  6. The only man to be elected President four times was:
    1. Abraham Lincoln
    2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    3. Ulysses S. Grant
  7. The President's wife is called:
    1. the First Lady
    2. the Queen
    3. Mrs. President
  8. The U S flag's stripes are colored:
    1. 6 red and 7 white
    2. 7 red and 6 white
    3. 6 red and 6 white
  9. When properly folded, the U S flag should be shaped like:
    1. a circle
    2. a square
    3. a triangle

Data supplied by Pack 114


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