We are blessed to be AMERICANS. The
privilege of living in this country is
something that people have sought
forever since it was created. If you
look at the word AMERICAN, you
will notice that it ends with two small
words, “I CAN”.
#1. As an American, I can be loyal to my
#2. As an American, I can be honest in
my dealings with others.
#3. As an American, I can show respect
to others and their property.
#4. As an American, I can be helpful to
#5. As an American, I can work hard to
help my country and myself.
#6. As an American, I can be thankful
for living in this country.
#7. As an American, I can be brave and
stand up to wrongdoers.
The people that live here have to be ever
alert to preserve the freedoms and
the opportunity our country provides by
being “I CAN” people.


There’s a battlefield at Gettysburg
Where swords and sabers rust,
And brothers who were flesh and blood,
Are scattered in the dust.
But every night at Gettysburg,
When everything is still,
They say a Golden bugle blows,
On Cemetery hill.
Who was the unknown bugle boy
At Gettysburg that day?
Was he wearing Yankee blue
Or the Southern gray?
Why did he die, what was his motive?
That the government,
Of the people---
By the people—
And for the people---
Shall not perish from the earth.



When God made the Oyster, He guaranteed it economic and
social security. He built the oyster a home, a shell to protect it
from its enemies. When it is hungry, the Oyster simply opens its
shell, and food rushes in.
But when God made the Eagle, he said, “The sky is the limit, go
and build your house.” The Eagle went and built its house on
the highest mountain crag where the storms came, and winds
threatened it every day. For food, it flew miles and searched
for just certain things.

The Eagle--not the Oyster-- is the symbol of our country.
Does the difference describe the kind of people we are? 


References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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