Things that Cubs can collect:  

• Matchbox cars                                                       • Bugs
• Models                                                                   • Plants
• Stamps                                                                  • Neckerchief Slides
• Post Cards                                                            • Games
• Books                                                                    • Newspaper Articles
• Rocks                                                                    • Fuzzy things
• Coins                                                                    • Things that move
• Music                                                                    • Things that are round



Group collection activities:  

Collect used items that can be built into other things. Encourage cubs to use their imagination.
• Create an owl using old wood, an egg carton, plastic meat tray, twigs, and beads.
• Design a kaleidoscope using a toilet paper roll, tape, aluminum foil, and light film.
• Make a snake using a man's old tie, beads, and string.
• Wrap a gift using old newspaper comics.
• Use a rock to make a bug or animal with string, paint, and scrap material.
• Make a bubble blower using an empty film canister, piece of plastic canvas, dish
detergent, and water.
Ask cubs to collect something that reminds them of themselves and display it at pack meeting.
Collect items on a scavenger hunt that can be used in a first aid kit.
Have the boys wear pockets. Then have them collect things that would fit in their pockets and
see who can find the most items. Example: fuzzy things, round things, etc.
Hike in the woods to collect leaves and identify them.
Collect twigs and make letters or objects and have the other boys/family members guess what
they are.
Collect cans and take to recycle center.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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