25 Ways to reuse an old blanket
By: Posted On: 2019-07-22

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Do you have an old blanket taking up space in one of your closets that you probably aren’t going to use any more? If you’re like me than the answer is yes… You probably have more than one old blanket that you’re not going to use again. How about finding a few ways that the old blanket could be reused as something useful? Here are 25 different ways (with some pictures) that you can repurpose that old blanket.

1. Make a car emergency kit and stuff an old blanket or two into your trunk so that you have it in case you need it.
2. Do you like being outside in the wintertime? Watch this video from Black Owl Outdoors and learn how to make your very own chair that will help keep you warm with a few simple items you probably have laying around outside.

3. If you have an old fleece blanket, you can turn it into several scarfs to help keep you warm this coming winter.
4. Tear old blankets into strips, and you can make a short rope or perhaps a tug toy for your dogs or the kids to play with.
5. You can use an old blanket and gather the fuzz from it and use that for fire starting material for your next campfire.
6. Use an old blanket to make a patrol flag for your Scouts so they can practice for their Signaling merit badge.
7. Next time you’re out camping, and the sun is very bright and hot, use the old blanket over your heads as a sunshade.
8. Protect the top of your vehicle from damage before strapping that camping gear on top by using that old blanket to protect the top of your car or truck.
9. Save the old blanket for use the next time you are going to the beach or a picnic. 

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10. If you have a sewing machine and a zipper, you can make your own sleeping bag with that old blanket.
11. Cut the old blanket in half (or a quarter) and use it to make a soft play area for your baby
12. Use the old blanket to make a nice soft space for your pet to sleep or nap in.
13. Take a few old chairs or some PVC pipe and make a blanket fort for the kids to play or sleep in…
14. Cover up your plants with those blankets when it gets cold outside. Using a blanket is better than plastic because it adds insulating value to the plants.
15. Take those blankets and use them the next time you move as moving blankets.
16. Cut the blanket into small strips and let the birds use it for their nests. This will look really cool if the blankets are colored!
17. Cut the blanket for the correct size to stuff up against the bottom of your door to keep the drafts out and keep you warmer, or cooler in the summer to keep you’re A/C in.
18. Take the old blanket and cut it to the right size to lay in front of your cat’s litter box. It will keep stray bits of litter contained and can be shaken and washed if desired.
19. Use old blankets under heavy furniture or appliances to move them more easily across the floor.
20. Put the old blanket across your windshield in the winter if you know it's going to snow, and then you won’t have to brush or scrape the window.
21. Take it outside in the fall when you’re gathering up leaves and rake them onto your blanket. Then drag the blanket wherever it needs to go to dump the leaves.
22. Old blankets make great seat covers. Cut them to size and mix and match to cover up your furniture.
23. Let your kids have a couple of the old blankets to make a stage with curtains to put on their own production in the back yard.
24. If you really don’t like the old blanket, cut it up into squares or circles and use it for rags around the house or garage.
25. Or you use the old blanket as a drop cloth when you have your next big painting project.

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