Thanksgiving Cookout
By: Posted On: 2018-11-12


Want to spend your Thanksgiving in the great outdoors, appreciating this wonderful country and landscape that we have many reasons to be thankful for? Why not cook your Thanksgiving meal outdoors this year? The opportunities for creative Dutch Oven cooking are endless, and these five classic and festive dishes will be right at home on your holiday feast table, inside or in the great outdoors. As you gather with your family and friends this Thanksgiving, don’t let the fun stop at the dining table. This year, we challenge you to head outside to start a new tradition.


1.   Thanksgiving Pie in the Sky


With apples, cranberries, spice, and nuts, this pie is the very essence of Thanksgiving flavors and colors. And it’s delicious, too. This is sure to be a crowd pleaser when you take that lid off the Dutch Oven and see the beautiful and festive pie just ready for your fork. As a matter of fact, it might be a good idea to make a few of these. Check out the tutorial video below.


2. Stuffing made in a Dutch oven


It’s the classic dish that has it all. The sage, the sweet, the savory, the giblets (!) and most of all, it goes great with everything. Get stuffed with this clever Dutch Oven Thanksgiving twist on this classic holiday mainstay dish.


3. Turkey Gone Dutch


That’s right, even the king of the feast is no match for a skilled Dutch Oven chef. The secret here is the way they line the Dutch Oven (and the bird!) with herbs and aromatic vegetables to really get those Thanksgiving flavors in every bite of a perfectly moist and tender turkey.


4. Delicious Baked Apples


OK, maybe not so sinfully, as these sweet apples baked in a Dutch Oven are actually a healthy treat. But they are spiced with cinnamon. Baked fruit is a classic cast iron standby, but with the rest of the Thanksgiving feast, these apples really shine. Give it a go and maybe bake some cast iron chef cooking requirements for your Cub Scout right into the fun.

See the Recipe and Video Here.


5. Irresistible Dutch Oven Corn Bread


In one of the most iconic uses of the grand ol’ Dutch Oven, a pot full of crispy on top, moist in the middle cornbread will bring new meaning to the phrase ‘golden delicious’. Be sure to watch these clever videos that come with these recipes as they are all fun and unique. Not to mention, extremely helpful! Perfect for a Dutch Oven Thanksgiving, or even as part of your stuffing, or a southern style Dutch Oven Thanksgiving.






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