20 Uses for old sox
By: Posted On: 2018-06-16


Have a drawer in your bedroom that is full of old socks, or does your washing machine eat socks? You’re sure you put two socks in, but you can only find one after the wash. Losing socks is par for the course when you do laundry, but don't feel bad for that lone, pair-less sock — there are still plenty of uses for the lonely sock in your daily life. You might even be glad the next time one mysteriously vanishes, leaving you with a spare.

  1. Old socks can be used as cleaning rags for many clean up tasks around the house…
  2. Tie the old socks together and roll them out to make a tube-like shape and put them in front of your exterior door and use them as a draft protector on cold winter days.
  3. Cut them into strips and you can use them to make curls for female hairstyling.
  4. Use the old socks for wiping off surfaces inside your car to keep the dust build up to a minimum. They also make a good grease rag to use under the hood and where you might need to wipe off some oil.
  5. If you have a newborn and they have issues with scratching their face with their fingernails than you can put the old socks over their hands and that way they can't hurt themselves anymore.
  6. The old socks can also be used as material to make Christmas decorations out of. For example, if you cut out the end of the sock and use the other part of it and put Styrofoam balls inside the sock and then decorate the outside you could make a snowman.
  7. You can also use old socks to make hand puppets for a puppet show. White sox work best for this as you would need to decorate the sock with drawn on eyes or mouths so that you could turn it into a moving puppet.
  8. Old socks can also be used as an animal sweater for small animals like very small dogs or cats where it is very cold outside and where the animal does not mind having a sweater wrapped around it.
  9. These old socks can also be used in warmer weather as sunblock for your arms if you cut out the end of the sock and slipped the tube up your arm to where you wanted you can use it to block the sun so that you do not get sunburned.
  10. Those old socks you have can also be used as a cheap replacement for a Swiffer cover. Instead of going to the store and buying a box of replacement Swiffer covers you can just find the appropriate size sock doesn't matter what color and use it on the end of your Swiffer wand.
  11. Use old socks on hiking trips to carry things if you are collecting rocks or small specimens along the way to earn one of your merit badges.
  12. You can also use old socks as covers for your golf clubs or to carry your tennis balls to the court the next time you're on your way there.
  13. Use them to keep your car windows from fogging...This is a weird life hack that not many people have heard of — you can keep your car windows from fogging up by filling socks with cat litter. Tip the cat litter into the sock and fill it up to the ankle. Secure the sock by tying a knot, and slip another sock over it. Place it by your windshield or anywhere in the car, and it will absorb moisture and keep windows from fogging.
  14. You can also use your old socks as ice proof windshield wiper covers...Cover windshield wipers with tube socks to keep them ice-free. All you need to do is remove the socks when you’re ready to drive for perfectly preserved windshield wipers.
  15. Use old socks for a soap pouch...Whether for the garden or the tool shed, place a bar of soap inside a clean sock. The sock will help you get grit off your hands and make the soap less slippery. Plus, it will make the soap last longer and lather better.
  16. Save dry hands and feet in the wintertime...If your hands and feet are still chapped and cracked from the winter months, cover in Vaseline or lotion and cover with clean socks overnight. The sock will help your skin better absorb the moisture and keep it from rubbing off on your sheets.
  17. Cover ice packs with old socks. Make ice packs feel more tolerable on bare skin by slipping a sock over the ice pack. This will let it touch your skin without giving you freezer burn.
  18. Use those old socks a cat toy...Filling a clean old sock with some catnip will keep your cat entertained for hours. With a bit of sewing, you can also get creative with the design. Get your parents help with the sewing part if you need to.
  19. Make a baby rattle...With a jingle bell, stuffing, and an old sock, you can make an easy DIY baby rattle. The best part about it is that it takes barely any sewing and can be chewed on and won’t scratch furniture if your baby keeps banging it against objects.
  20. Wrist rest...if you need wrist support while using a computer, you can make your own with a long sock and polyester filling. Stuff the sock and secure by sewing the end shut. 

Don't throw those old sucks away as there are plenty of other uses for old socks I'm sure you can think of even more than I listed!





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