Scott Robertson

Uses For A Disposable Pie Tin

By: Posted On: 2012-02-11

After listing uses for duct tape, clothes pins and a safety pin I found myself wondering what to do next. And then it hit me - why not the under-utilized pie tin? Here are some ideas I came up with; please share yours by commenting below.


  1. Pet water/food dish
  2. Emergency singling device (flashing it in the sun like a mirror)
  3. Emergency pan for cooking
  4. Bowl /plate to eat from
  5. Put one in the bottom of a Dutch oven to save cleaning time
  6. Cheap way to do self-serve food when camping, on a picnic, at a party, etc
  7. Cover food up to keep it warm and keep bugs out
  8. Garbage bowl: fill with the rubbish you produce while cooking
  9. Use in the bottom of a solar still to collect the water
  10. Use a pan for gold panning in a stream
  11. Shovel for a young child on the beach
  12. Turn it into a boat to float on a pond
  13. Frisbee
  14. Use as target in rock toss game
  15. Part of a costume
  16. Put in tent /rv to hold small things like coins, watch, keys, etc
  17. Turn into a mask
  18. Decorate several and hang from a string to make a mobile
  19. Center piece - fill with rocks/sand and place a candle in the middle
  20. Put behind a candle to reflect more of the light forward
  21. Poke holes in it to use as a dry goods sifter or as a colander in a pinch
  22. Make a potpourri pie; put potpourri in the tin, cover with strips of tan felt, staple/glue the felt to the tin, sprinkle cinnamon on the felt.
  23. Child’s instrument: fill with rice, beans, small bells, etc. Attach another tin to the top and shake.
  24. Hang several from tree branches to keep away scavengers
  25. If all else fails use it to make a pie 

What other uses can you think of?



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