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Rope Box – Stakes and Doodads

By: Posted On: 2010-10-02

There is actually a fair amount of gadgets I carry for pioneering. A few notes of caution, the stakes shown are normal tentstakes and dodads used in knots and lashing stakes are too small for securing large pioneering projects. I do have larger rebar stakes, but most often tend to just secure bridges to local trees, rocks, etc. The orange stakes are actually sand stakes for a tent, when setting up in soft soil. Also the pulley, hooks, carabineers are not rated for human load. Beware of what your gear is rated for, and don't abuse it. I rather be extra cautious then have a Scout get hurt.

The two wooden things with the bolts in them, is actually a rope making machine I invited. The long bolt are secured inside a drill, the string gets wrapped around the three bolts on the top. The other half gets secured to a non moving object. Then all you have to do is let the drill do the twisting. I will note at this point, I never fully mastered getting this to work. The large bail of natural twin is what I normally use for making rope. However the best way I found to make rope is to “French Braid” the string just like you would someone’s hair. 

You may notice there is a small container of dental floss in the photo. Dental floss is actually amazing string. It is also really good for “whipping” the ends of natural rope.

The stick can be used in both teaching certain knots that need to be tied around an object as well as tightening up lines when lashing.

What kinds of gadgets do you use with your rope and lashings?


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