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Help InsaneScouter
By: Posted On: 2010-04-11

As you may know InsaneScouter is a large site containing over 5,000 unique pages of content, using around 20 gigs of drive space and made up of a few million lines of code. This site has grown to large for a few of us to continue to manage. We need your help with various tasks. 

  • Here are a few things we may be able to accomplish with your help: 
  • updating old content
  • re-doing our clip art gallery
  • create a video Scouting college, where Scouter's from around the nation teach various subjects they specialize in
  • email service that is a cross between gmail and but geared for Scouting
  • a “human resources” feature where Scouters can create a profile and then others can search them out for help on a specific subject or as a regional expert
  • hold “town hall meetings” providing you direct input in what happens at InsaneScouter
  • along with a ton of other ideas we have 

So how can you help? Well, here are some ideas.... 

Help spread the word about InsaneScouter by:

  • forward the newsletter to your Scouting friends
  • at Scouting functions tell others about us
  • tell your Scouting friends about us
  • add a link or graphic to InsaneScouter from your Scouting website <promote us link>
  • print out the flyers on the promote us page <promote us link> to hand out at roundtable and trainings
  • digg or stumble upon pages on the site
  • post about us on facebook, twitter and myspace
  • include InsaneScouter as part of your Scouting email footer, simply adding “” could make a big differences 

You can volunteer to:

  • provide us books to add to, as long as we can republish the book its fair game … this site is not limited to just powwow books.
  • login to your control panel, click add link(s) … to add site(s) for inclusion in the Scouter Links directory
  • write blog posts
  • add content
  • update content (fix spelling, grammar, update old content, etc)
  • add campgrounds and attractions to (you will need to signup for a free KampSpace account)

If you have any questions, thoughts, concerns, etc feel free to contact us.



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