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Eagle Island

By: Posted On: 2009-10-24

Many years ago when I was a Webelos Den Leader I developed a three month theme called “Eagle Island” which focused on Citizen, Communicator, and Readyman. I should point out my Webelos Den Patrol name was “The Eagles”. This post will explain in as much detail as I remember how we did this. This is just an overview, but it should be enough to get you creative juices flowing to fill in the gaps. For many of these meetings you should ask yoru Den Chief and local Scout Troop for help such as flag folding, first aid and even secret codes.


At the first meeting I would explain to the Scouts that “Bill Gates had bought an island and has requested that we assist in setting up the new government”. During this meeting we determine the rights of the citizens of Eagle Island (create the rules, laws, voting, etc). Have the Scouts create a map or already have one made (I premade the map), and then have the Scouts select there own territories an pick the capital of the island.

At the next meeting... We talked about the Rights as a US Citizen, What makes a good Citizen, How can a citizen help save resources, Type of Government, Who is the Governor of your state, Who is the local head of your local government, and Start filling den jobs (Denner).

At the third meeting we create a flag for the Island, we did this as our own den flag, Describe the US Flag, Display Flag, Fold Flag, Why respect the flag, Special times flag is displayed, When to and how to salute the flag, Repeat the Pledge of Allegiance and explain what it means, Tell about the National Anthem and how it came about.

At the foruth meeting we set up our government departments which included

  • Foods on island (coconuts, sugar cane)
    • what else might grow
  • Agricultural Department
    • can research to find out what food are found
  • No Animal
    • Make arrangements to have McDonalds hamburgers
  • Trading
    • Need foreign policy
  • Commerce Department
    • Work out transporting trade goods
    • Importing & Out porting
  • Treasury Department
    • Coconuts won’t buy cars, food, houses, etc
    • Rallod” name of currency (dollar spelled backwards)
    • Funds to pay for employees of different departments


At the fifth meeting “The NWS has spotted a hurricane off the coast of Eagle Island, we must prepare to help the injured. As we know there are no hospitals or trained medics - we are it.”

  • What is 1st aid
  • How do you get help quickly
  • What goes into a 1st aid kit

The sixth meeting “Welcome to Eagle Island, I trust your flight was a good one. As you can tell the storm was huge. Who is ready to treat the injured.”

  • Serious Bleeding
  • Stop Breathing
  • Internal Poisoning
  • Heart Attack
  • Shock
  • Cuts / scratches
  • Burns

You guys did a great job, saving the few citizens of Eagle Island, but the storm has destroyed the phone line, we must come up with a way to make contact with are ride home. We need to get off the island, but we have lost communications with our ride - how shall we ever get out of this mess.

  • Body Language Game
  • Invent a language
  • Using Radios / CB’s correctly
  • Access a computer database

The last meeting... Welcome back. We had some trip, but not one died. You all did a wonderful job.

  • Off the island at last, but we must contact them.
  • Secret Code
  • Tell a story - change - rest guess which is true
  • Jobs in communications

That is eight meetings worth of program, that are packed full of fun and learning. If implemented correctly the Scout won't realizes what they are learning or the fact in just eight meetings they have completed three activity pins. Please feel free to post your thoughts and comments below.



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