Questions Webelos Should Ask Themselves

Upon graduation from Cub Scouting with hopefully the Arrow of Light rank, a Webelos scout has some questions he needs to ask himself about his future and future in scouting. Scouting is an ascending adventure. As the boy grows in age and maturity, the Boy Scouts of America has a program for him. It is age adapted and has worked well for decades. First is learning a new set of skills that starts as Webelos Scout and builds from there. Next comes a more outdoor events of increasing complexity - camping, hiking 10 up to 20 miles in a day, canoeing. The culmination is a series of high adventure camps for the older boys 15 years and older - hiking 50 to 120 miles in 10 days. Canoeing and camping, 7 to 10 days, up to 100 miles. Sailing down in the Florida Keys. Scuba diving at South Padre Island. The changes and challenges coming to you son will be so fast that you are not ready for them. He will be. Let the adventure begin.


1.     I am interested and involved in other activities like sports? band?
  Will this involvement cause a conflict with scouting?
  Will my prospective troop be tolerant of outside activities?
  Even if I may be unable to attend most or all activities at certain times of the year?
2. Do I like/dislike to Camp?
  Go places, see things, do stuff?
  Like visit the Battleship Texas, The Alamo, Padre Island, Big Bend and the Big Thicket Parks
  Like Hike along the same trail (170 total miles) that General Sam Houston followed from Gonzales to Tomball to the San Jacinto Monment
  How about hiking the Lone Star Trail (140 total miles) in the Sam Houston National Forest.
3. Do I like/dislike high adventure?
  Repelling and rock climbing.
  Scuba diving, water skiing, small boat sailing.
  Reptiles, Insects, Plants and Forests
  Atomic Energy, Railroading,
  Frist Aid, Saftey, Emergency Preparedness, Life saving
  Archery, rifle and shotgun shooting.
  Aviation and Space Exploration
  All of these things are courses of study to earn Merit Badges!
4. How will my prospective troop relate to,
  Build on my likes and dislikes

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