1. Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell
was born on Feb. 22, 1857. At 11 he was sent to
boarding school, behind which was a wild woody
area. He would skip school, hideout, and camp in
it, even killing rabbits for food.
2. At 19 he took the exam to go to the
University and failed, so he joined the army. He
took a test and became an officer. He served in
Afghanistan, India, and South Africa. They were
peace-keeping forces most of the time and the men
needed things to do to keep them occupied so he
organized them into patrols and taught them the
scouting principles and skills. The men liked it.
3. In South Africa he was in the town of
Mafeking with 1000 men. The Boers lay siege to
the town with 9000 men. He kept them away by
fooling them into thinking he had many more men
and unlimited supplies. He let them watch him
bury ‘mines’ all around the town and once in a
while one would explode. Actually, they did not
have dynamite in them as they didn’t have any, but
the Boers thought they did and it kept them away.
4. He would ‘test’ his circle of searchlights
that surrounded the town at night. Actually, all
they had was one on a pole that they would carry
around and light it up once in a while. He held the
town for 217 days.
5. At night he would walk around the countryside and sketch the Boer's positions. When they
captured him he had a sketchbook of butterflies.
On the wings were the map but they didn’t know
it. He was a very good artist.
6. He came home on sick leave and people in
England were already organizing themselves into
patrols and were using his Scouting handbook. He
was decommissioned and became the leader.
7. On Oct. 30, 1912 he married Olave
Soames, she was 22 and he 54, they
had 3 children. They also
started the Girl Scouts.




[Tune is in Cub Scout Songbook pg. 86]
Make America proud of you,
In every thing you say and do.
Make America proud to say
That you’re a son or a daughter of the USA
In America you are free,
To write your name in history.
But now it’s up to you,
So what are you gonna do,
To make America proud of you.
What ever the game you choose to play, play
What ever you are or hope to be—be square!
What ever the road you choose to take—take
Walk it straight with your head up in the air.
Repeat first 8 lines and end there.





Tune - Battle Hymn of the Republic
Our shirts have seen the coming of another
Scout award,
The Bobcat first, the Wolf came next and
soon the Webelos,
We’re proud to wear them cause we’ve
earned them
Now the question is,
How do we stick them on?
Glory, glory, hallelujah,
Do we pin them, do we glue them,
Gee, I got to hand it to ya, thanks,
Mom, you got it on

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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