Cast: Bear, two hunters
Setting: The woods
#1: (Whispering) Ah! There's a bear! I
can shoot it and I'll have my take for the
day! (Bang! And the bear falls down.)
Well, I'll go get some rope to drag it.
#2: No! It's mine!
#1: Hey! I shot that bear myself. It's
clearly mine.
#2: Look. You couldn't have shot that bear
if I didn't drive us here.
#1: Well, I've got news for you. I just
killed that bear. It's mine.
The two continue arguing when all of a
sudden, the bear rises, growls, and frightens
the two hunters away.



1. What happens when you eat yeast and drink shoe polish? (You rise and shine.)
2. Why does the stork pull up one leg when he sleeps? (So he doesn’t fall down.)
3. Can you use geometry in a sentence? (The little acorn grew and grew, one day he looked
down and said, “Gee I’m a tree.” )
4. In what way are a dog and a tree alike? (They both have bark.)
5. How do you search for a missing train? (You look for the tracks.)
6. What gallops down the road on its head? (A horseshoe nail.)



One day a young Indian boy climbed to the top of a high, craggy mountain. As he started down
after achieving the top and seeing the wonder of the surrounding peaks and vistas he came upon a
rattlesnake lying in the path. The snake was shivering and said to the young Indian boy. "Please
help me ... I can't move. I am so cold that I can no longer make it any further down the mountain."
The young Indian boy said to the snake, "No way! You're a snake. If I pick you up, you'll bite me!"
The snake replied, "No, no I won't. I promise I won't bite you if you'll only pick me up and help
get me down the mountain."
So the young Indian boy picked up the snake, put it in his shirt where it could get warm, and
continued down the mountain. When he got down to the warmer, lower place, he reached in, took
out the snake, and laid him on the ground. The snake turned, struck, and bit him.
As the boy lay dying he said to the snake, “You lied to me, you said that if I'd
help you, you wouldn't bite me!"
The snake replied to the young Indian boy, "But you knew what I was when
you picked me up!"
Many people think they can use illegal drugs just a little and it won’t affect
them and so they let down their defenses and sample them. Many end up
with lives that are ruined and others hurt by what they do to themselves.


SKIT ---

A group of Scouts goes to a new Scientific
Laboratory where they have developed a new
process for brain transplants. The Scouts ask to
see the selection of brains. The doctor shows
them a selection. (The brains may be in cans,
where they can look in.) The first one is
marked $500. The Scouts ask about it and are
told it is the brain from a peddler. The next,
$1,000 - a policeman, $1,500 - a teacher, etc. up
to $5,000 for the brain of the greatest physicist
in the world. The Scouts then see a container
marked, $20,000 and ask about it. The doctor
explains, "It is the brain from [Camp Director
or leader’s name] and it has never been used!

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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