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Fill several 2-liter bottles with water to weigh them down. Place them on a flat surface. Put a ping-pong ball on top of each bottle. Have a contest to see how fast each Cub can shoot the ball off the bottle using a squirt gun.



This is a fun game that can show the boys just how much fun they can have by using a very small amount of water. Take a very small container such as a thimble or the lid from a 2-liter bottle. Fill it fill of water. The leader will think of a topic such as colors. The leader thinks of a color and keeps it to himself. He goes around to each player as each one names a color. When someone names the color that he was thinking of, the leader gets to throw the water from the small container on that person. The wet person gets to be the new leader and the game continues. Each new leader can choose a new topic. Make certain the boys know what is coming and are all willing to get wet!



The den chief puts a certain number (known only to himself) of different-sized rocks in a cloth drawstring bag. He closes the Bag. Each boy is given the bag for 15 seconds. He examines it then passes it on to the next boy. When all the boys have had a chance to examine the Bag, it is returned to the den chief. The boys then try to guess the number of rocks in the Bag. The boy who guesses the correct number (or closest to it) takes a turn putting the nuggets in the Bag


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