Scouting Language

Achievement - The name given to a major requirement in the Cub Scout program. There are 12 achievements for the Wolf rank and 24 achievements for the Bear rank.

Activity Badge - One of 20 specialized recognitions earned by Webelos Scouts.

Advancement - The process by which a member meets certain requirements and earns recognition.

Akela - A title of respect used in Cub Scouting; any good leader is Akela. The name comes from Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book.

Arrow of Light Award - The highest rank in Cub Scouting. The only Cub Scout badge that may be worn on the Boy Scout uniform.

Arrow Point - An award given to a cub Scout who has completed 10 elective projects beyond the rank for his grade. A gold arrow point is given for the first 10 projects and a silver arrow point is given for each additional 10 projects thereafter. He may earn any number of silver arrow points for his rank.

Assistant Cubmaster (CA) - A person 18 years or older holding this position in a Cub Scout pack.

Assistant Den Leader (DA) - A person appointed to help the Cub Scout den leader.

Assistant District Commissioner (ADC) - A volunteer Scouter who helps the district commissioner. An ADC is in charge of all unit commissioners in an assigned area of the district.

Baden-Powell, Robert Stephenson Smyth - Founder of the worldwide Scouting movement. Born in London, February 22, 1857. He is referred to as Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell, Chief Scout of the World. Died January 8, 1941.

Basic Training - Formal introduction to the program, purpose, ideals, and procedures of the Cub Scout program necessary for a volunteer to function with the ease and confidence that comes with knowledge.

Bear Rank - awarded to the Third grade Cub Scout for completing 12 of the 24 achievements.

Blue and Gold Banquet - A birthday dinner for Scouting held by Cub packs in February.

Bobcat - The first rank for all Cub Scouts.

Boy's Life - The magazine published by the Boy Scouts of America to help boys broaden their horizons in Scouting.

Buddy System - A part of Safe Swim Defense. Swimmers of likeability are paired, check-in and out of the water together, and stay within 10 feet of each other during the swim. The Buddy system is used also in other activities such as hiking and field trips for safety reasons.

Camporee - A council or district event where Boy Scout troops come together for one or two nights of joint camping. Usually involves competition between troops in Scoutcraft skills. Cub Scouts (especially Webelos) are sometimes invited to attend.

Charter - Formal permission from the Boy Scouts of America allowing a pack to organize.

Chartered Organization - The sponsoring organization of the pack. This organization may be a religious, civic, fraternal, educational, or another community-based group. Monthly pack meetings are usually held in a building owned by that organization.

Commissioner - A volunteer Scouter who works with packs and/or troops to help units succeed.

Committee Chairman (CC) - An adult 21 years of age or older, the executive officer of the committee, who works with the Cubmaster to assure that the pack provides the Cub Scout phase of the Scouting program.

Compass Point Patch - Award earned by Webelos Scouts as they advance in the Webelos program. This cloth patch is hung by a loop from a button on the boy's right shirt pocket. Metal pins are added to the patch and attached at compass points (north, east, south, and west) as the boy advances by earning activity badges.

Council headquarters - The local office for Scouting in a specific geographic area. The country is divided into more than 400 local councils.

Cubmaster (CM) - An adult 21 years of age or older, who holds this commission in a Cub Scout pack. The pack leader and Akela for the pack serve as Master of Ceremonies during monthly pack meetings.

Cubmaster Award - A blue square knot on a goldfield awarded to Cubmasters who have completed training and performance and served for 3 years.

Cub Scout - A boy who is registered with a Cub Scout pack. Also, the reason why we're all here!!!

Cub Scouter Award - A blue and gold square knot on a blue field awarded to Cub Scouters who have completed training and performance and served for 2 years at the pack level and/or in a district or council Cub Scout position.

Cub Scout Handshake - Used by Cub Scouts and Scouters with the left hand. It is given like an ordinary handshake except for the index and middle fingers are extended toward the other person, touching his wrist.

Cub Scout Motto - "Do Your Best."

Cub Scout Promise -
I, (name), promise to do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
To help other people, and
To obey the Law of the Pack.

Cub Scout Salute - A hand salute made by Cub Scouts and Scouters with the fingers of the right handheld in position as for Cub Scout Sign, except that the index and middle fingers are held together. The tips of the fingers touch the right eyebrow or the Cub Scout hat.

Cub Scout Sign - A sign made by raising the right hand straight up high over the head with the palm forward. The first two fingers are wide apart and pointing up as in a V. The thumb covers the nails of the ring and little fingers. This sign symbolizes the ears of Akela, and when held up, the group should become silent.

Day Camp - Summertime fun for all registered Cub Scouts. This daytime program allows boys to interact with boys from other packs and keeps boys and adults active in the Cub Scout movement.

Den - Small group of Cub Scouts who meet once a week in the home of a den leader to work on projects, learn games, songs, tricks and skits to be presented at a monthly pack meeting.

Den Chief - A Boy Scout who has been appointed to help direct the activities of a Cub Scout den.

Den Doodle - Advancements record using beads, spools or markers hung on string, lacing, or yarn by each boy to represent his advancement. It is displayed at monthly pack meetings.

Den Leader (LD) - The adult on-the-scene supervisor of a Cub Scout den. A registered member of the pack who attends basic training.

Den Leader Award - A gold square knot on a blue field awarded to den leaders who have completed training and performance and served for two years.

Den Leader Coach - A Cub Scouter who is responsible for working with and helping den leaders in the pack.

Den Leader Coach Award - A blue square knot on a blue field awarded to den leader coaches who have completed training and performance and served 2 years.

Denner - Cub Scout who helps the den leader with den and pack meetings. This is generally a rotating position so each Cub Scout may serve and learn a little about helping and leadership.

District - Level of the Cub Scout organization directly under the council. Each Cub Scout belongs to a den, each den belongs to a pack, each pack belongs to a district, each district belongs to a council, each council belongs to a region, and all regions belong to the national organization of the Boy Scouts of America.

District Award of Merit - A silver knot on a dark blue field awarded for outstanding service by a volunteer on the district level.

District Commissioner (DC) - A volunteer Scouter who is in charge of all commissioners within a district.

District Committee - A group of registered adult Scouters responsible for carrying out the council program within their district.

District Executive - A professional paid Scouter who works with the volunteers under the direction of the Scout Executive.

"Do Your Best" - The Cub Scout motto.

Elective - A part of the Cub Scout advancement program. There are electives in both the Wolf and Bear rank books. For every 10 electives completed, a Cub Scout earns an arrow point.

Fast Start - Supplemental training program for new leaders designed to help them until they can attend basic training.

Friends of Scouting - An annual campaign in which Scouters, and other interested people in the community, can provide financial support to the local council to assist in meeting its objectives.

Good Turn - A distinctive feature of Scouting is its emphasis upon service to others. The Good Turn habit is one that all Scouts endeavor to acquire.

Instant Recognition Patch/Progress Towards Ranks Patch - Diamond-shaped patch to which a plastic thong and beads are attached for instant recognition of achievements. Each time a boy completes 3 achievements he will receive one bead. Wolf earns yellow and Bear earns red beads, awarded in the den.

National BSA - Headquarters for the Boy Scouts of America, located in Irving, Texas, where the Cub Scout program is developed and literature is developed and printed.

National Summertime Pack Award - An award earned by the pack for conducting a summer program.

Outdoor Code - A pledge for proper outdoor conduct which should be followed by all Cub Scouts and leaders.

Outdoor Program - The total scope of outdoor programs offered by the Boy Scouts of America, including unit outings, camporees, Cub Scout day camps, long-term Scout camps, council, and national jamborees.

Pack - The unit that conducts Cub Scouting for the chartered organization. Usually consists of 2 or more dens and conducts monthly meetings.

Pack Committee - A committee of concerned parents and leaders, approved by the chartered organization, to administer the affairs of the pack.

Pack Meeting - Monthly meeting of Cub Scouts, adult leaders, committee members, and parents, where Cub Scouts and adults receive recognition for their advancement in rank or service to Scouting. Skits, songs, and other entertainment should be performed by dens.

Patches/Badges - Worn on the uniform to designate rank or training awards. Refer to the Wolf, Bear, or Webelos books, den leader book, or Insignia Control Guide for specific placement information.

Pinewood Derby - A pack activity that involves making and racing model cars on a tract.

Pow Wow - All-day learning experience for Cub Scout leaders covering a wide variety of subjects with some hands-on experiences.

Program Helps - An annual publication of the BSA to help den and pack leaders plan their meetings by using monthly themes.

Quality Unit Award - Recognition is given each charter year to units that commit to and meet six of eight national standards (three are required) pertaining to leadership training, service, advancement, camping, and membership growth.

Region - One of four large geographical administrative units of the BSA. The Indian Nations Council is part of the Southern Region.

Registration - The payment of an annual registration fee. This is one of the requirements for membership in the BSA.

Religious Awards - An award presented by individual faiths to Cub and Boy Scouts for completion of a set of requirements within their respective faiths. Adults may also receive a religious award for service to youth within their own faith.

Roundtable - A monthly district level meeting where den and pack leaders learn new ideas on monthly themes, receive information on district and council activities and have a general exchange of ideas.

School Night for Scouting - A one-night event in a neighborhood school where boys and parents gather to hear how Cub Scouting operates and how they can join.

Scout Benediction - "May the Great Master of all Scouts be with us until we meet again".

Scouter - A registered adult member of the Boy Scouts of America.

Scouter's Key - A recognition given to a unit leader or commissioner for completing training, tenure, and performance requirements.

Scout Executive - The professional staff leader of a council.

Scouting Magazine - The official magazine sent to all registered Scouters.

Service Center-Scout Headquarters - It contains the professionals' offices and the Scout Shop (where you can buy uniforms and all of your Scouting needs.)

Service Star - Worn on the uniform above the left pocket to denote years of service in the Scouting program.

Silver Beaver - A recognition given by the National Court of Honor for distinguished service to youth within the local council. A similar regional award is a Silver Antelope and the national award is the Silver Buffalo.

Tenure - A term used to describe the length of service and membership in Scouting.

Tiger Cub - A first-grade boy registered with an adult partner in the Tiger Cub Program.

Tour Permit - Permit approved by the council for any outing that is to be taken by a group of Cub Scouts if traveling is involved. Check with the Service Center.

Two-Deep Leadership - The concept of having at least two adult registered leaders at every pack meeting or den outing for the safety and welfare of the Cubs.

Uniform - The distinctive feature of Scouting that quickly identifies its members.

Uniform Inspection - A feature of a unit meeting when members of the registered unit are given an opportunity to demonstrate their uniformed appearance.

Unit - A term used to designate any one of the following; pack, troop, team, post, or ship.

Unit Commissioner - A commissioner assigned to a unit to lend support and help when needed. He/she can be the unit's best friend.

Volunteer - Individual who donates services, time, and/or funds to support the program of the Boy Scouts of America.

Volunteer Service - The work of a great body of men and women who make Scouting available to youth by their leadership of units.

Webelos Badge - A rank earned by a fourth or fifth-grade boy which is part of the requirements for the Arrow of Light.

Webelos Den - A group of Webelos Scouts who meet weekly under the supervision of a Webelos den leader.

Webelos Den Chief - A Boy Scout who has been appointed to help direct the activities of a Webelos den.

Webelos Den Leader - The adult on-the-scene supervisor of a Webelos Scout den. A registered member of the pack who attends basic training to learn how to fulfill the job of a Webelos den leader.

Webelos Resource Person - A registered member of the troop committee or an assistant Scoutmaster who serves as a liaison between the troop and the Webelos den.

Webelos Scout - A Cub Scout who has completed the third grade belongs to a Webelos den. He works on activities in the Webelos book which are suited to his age. He will be exposed to more challenging outdoor experiences including camping.

Webelos-to-Scout Transition - The preparation and graduation of a boy from Cub Scouting to Boy Scouting.

Wolf - A rank earned by a second-grade Cub Scout when he completes 12 achievements in the Wolf Book.

Wood Badge - Advanced training session (open by invitation only) for qualified Cub Scout trainers.

World Conservation Award - An award for Cub Scouts emphasizing the importance of our natural resources and our interdependence with other countries in fulfilling our mutual needs.

World Crest - A badge worn by Scouts and Scouters as a symbol of commitment to the World Association of Scouting. A portion from the sale of this patch goes to support this association.

World Friendship Fund - A fund to which Scouts and Scouters in the United States of America may contribute to providing material help to Scouts and Scouting around the world.


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