Arrow Of Light Council


PROPS: INDIAN drum, Indian costumes, arrows, and Arrow of Light symbol/candle holder.

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster and 4 others in costume (either adult leaders or Den Chiefs)

(Drum beats slowly in background, Den Leaders light candles and lights are dimmed - - drum stops.)

CUBMASTER: Today we are gathered to witness the presentation of the highest award in Cub Scouts, the Arrow of Light. Would the 4 warriors of the Arrow of Light council please come forward. (Drum beats fast as warriors run in from four corners howling and screaming.)

The council of the Arrow of Light is now convened.

Warriors of the council, I understand that there are young braves among us tonight who have earned the Arrow of Light. Take these arrows representing each den and find young braves.

(Drum beats slowly.)

(The arrow is given to the Den Leader of each den, Den Leader and warrior then tap each boy, warrior instructs each one to stand and follow him, warrior leads Den Leader and boys back to Cubmaster.)

(Drum beats fast and then stops.)

CUBMASTER: Please be seated. Before you is the symbol of the Arrow of Light:

Its shaft is straight and narrow – just as the path should be that you follow throughout your life.

Its tip points the way – the way to success in all that you do.

The arrow points to the right - a symbol that nothing should be left undone.

And lastly, the symbol of the seven rays of the sun, one for each day of the week – to remind you that each day is a new day to:

Do your best in everything!

To honor your God and your country!

To do your good turn!

A new chance to follow the Scout Laws and to obey the Scout promise.

Will the Den Leaders please stand. Please answer each question either "they have" or "they have not".

Have your braves been faithful to the Pack?

Have they learned the ways of the Boy Scouts including the twelve points of the Scout Law, the promise, the slogan and the motto?

Have they learned the meaning of the Boy Scout badge?

Will the council warrior please stand and turn to face the Den Leader. Den Leaders, please had the arrow to the warrior in front of you. Council warriors please hold the arrow up in the air. Would the braves please stand.

Before you is the symbol of the highest achievement in Cub Scouting, the Arrow of Light. Not all braves make it this far, only the most dedicated and determined. You are an example to the other braves in the Pack who will follow you along the Scouting Trail. I ask you now to reaffirm the pledges you have made along this trail.

Please give me the Boy Scout Sign.

Do you promise to obey the Scout Law? If so answer "I do"

Do you promise to obey the Scout Promise of Duty to God and Country, duty to others and duty to self?

And do you promise to "Be Prepared" and to "Do a Good Turn Daily".

Please hand me the arrow for the (name of den) representing the purity of their promise. 



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