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Please feel free to answer as many, or as few of these questions, they are meant as a starting point. Feel free to add or alter questions, as well. Also feel free to recommend any videos, or photos to go with some of the questions if any stand out as perfect, to you.

Earlier this year, Cub Scout Eric reached out to me on Facebook and introduced me to his YouTube channel and videos. As a result, I started watching and sharing a few of his videos. More recently I offered to interview Eric for the InsaneScouter blog. He and his parents agreed, hope you enjoy.

As a bit of background… In Feb 2018, Eric did an interview with Back then Eric had 150 videos, 50,000 views, and 450 subscribers. Today he has 82,571 views and 980 subscribers. That is impressive growth in just a few short months!!


InsaneScouter: I read that you originally wanted to do videos about gaming. But after talking to your parents you decided to make videos around Cub Scouts. Can you tell us more about why you started your channel? 

Cub Scout Eric: My dad told me that there was like a million gaming channels. After thinking about what to do, I didn't really want to do what everyone else was doing. I wanted to do something that there wasn't a lot of videos of. I wanted to make videos that could help others.  That is why I decided on doing a Cub Scout channel. I wanted to show other boys that Cub Scouts is really fun. Sometimes you never know if you like something until you try it. If they see my videos they can see how much fun Scouting is. It has been fun to make the videos and I have learned so much and I have tried new things. 

InsaneScouter: Tell us a little about yourself, for example, any favorite hobbies, pets, brothers or sisters, favorite subject(s) in school, video games, sports, reading, favorite books, etc. Are you a Bear or first-year Webelos? 

Cub Scout Eric: My favorite hobbies are: playing sports, playing board games, playing video games, riding my bike, building with legos...Pets: I have 3 pets. 2 cats and 1 rabbit.

Siblings: I have 3 older sisters.

My favorite subjects in school are Virginia Studies and Science.

My favorite video games are Minecraft, Mario, Sonic.

My favorite sports: baseball, kickball, basketball, bowling and kayaking. I also like to watch hockey. I just went to my 1st hockey game when I went to visit my cousins. I think it would be fun to play hockey.

My favorite books: I like comic books, Star Wars books, and adventure books. Some of my favorite books I have read are: Sasquatch Escape and Babysitters guide to Monster Hunting and also, Shadow of the Shark. I also enjoy The Magic Tree House books because they are always going on an adventure. I am a Webelos in Cub Scouts. 

InsaneScouter: What would you like to do when you grow up? 

Cub Scout Eric: When I grow up I would like to still make videos but also either be a pilot or a zookeeper. I know that is a wide variety of jobs. I think it would be fun to fly to different places and learn to fly an airplane. I think being a zookeeper would be fun to do since I love animals so much. I think it would be fun to work with them and to learn about so many different kinds of animals. 

InsaneScouter: What is your favorite thing(s) about being a Cub Scout? 

Cub Scout Eric: My favorite thing about being a Cub Scout is doing all the fun Adventures and the requirements. I like trying new things and doing experiments. I have really liked learning about cooking over a fire and also other stuff that is helpful when camping or out in the woods.

InsaneScouter: If you could change one thing about Scouts, what would it be? 

Cub Scout Eric: I wouldn't change anything about Scouts. I enjoy all of it.  Maybe get National to Share my Cubscout Eric Channel. So, people know it exists to help others. 

InsaneScouter: Do you have aspirations of earning Eagle one day? 

Cub Scout Eric:Yes I would like to earn my Eagle one day.

InsaneScouter: What do you like the most about creating your videos? 

Cub Scout Eric: I have really enjoyed going to new places and discovering new things around where I live and also in other states.  I also really like reading the comments that people have left about my videos. Most all of the comments are positive and but there have been some comments that people have written that give me advice or ways that I can improve. My favorite part though is to read how my videos have helped other Cub Scouts. 

InsaneScouter: Do you have a favorite adventure/experience that you have had in filming your show? 

Cub Scout Eric: Favorite Adventure/Experience while filming: I really liked blue crab fishing. It was fun learning how to catch the crabs and also how to hold them without getting pinched. I have been pinched before and it really really hurts. I also really like visiting Old Bedford Village. It was fun exploring what an old village used to look like a long time ago and also dressing the part. At the village, you are given clues that you have to find the answers to. I had fun trying to solve the clues. I also really like doing Roaring Laughter with my friend Grant. Playing games and laughing is a lot of fun.  

InsaneScouter: Have you had any big challenges or obstacles to overcome, in making the videos? How did you overcome them? 

Cub Scout Eric: I learned to stay calm and to be patient. Making videos is a long process. It takes a lot of time. At first, it seemed to take forever to make the videos. I didn't realize it would take so long. It was all new to me and I was learning. In the beginning, I would get nervous and mess up a lot so then we would have to do multiple retakes and it would take a long time to make the videos. I learned to be more confident and to relax and to have fun. I also have learned to communicate better with others when interviewing or talking to them when filming. 

InsaneScouter: Do you have any ideas for future videos that you can share with us? 

Cub Scout Eric: I am always working on new videos either adventures with my family or Cub Scout requirements.  Multiple videos are scheduled for release (Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11 AM) through the middle of June.  We are currently filming multiple new videos. I am really excited about the Arrow of Light video coming soon.  This will be my first give away video. I will show you how to make your own arrow and then will be giving it away to one lucky viewer.   Another video is rocketry with my Pack which will be filmed the end of June. We are planning a couple more outdoor camping video to teach other skills.  Subscribe to never miss my new videos. Lots of them coming soon! 

Arrow of light out soon
InsaneScouter: I am a bit of a nerd as a web programmer, so I was wondering what it looks like behind the scenes of the Cub Scout Eric show? What kind of equipment do you use, who does the filming, how are the videos edited, etc. Do your parents have experience with video making? 

Cub Scout Eric:  Because of this question we have a new video coming out soon about the editing process.  To make a video, my dad is the one behind the camera. He uses a couple different types of cameras. One is a Nikon action camera and the other is a GoPro. We have a special mic that we have just added the last few months to help with sound and so I can be heard better. That was one of the comments I learned from that sometimes it was hard to hear me. We have also added lighting so if we need better light we have it available. When we film, we sometimes have to do it in segments. My dad then is able to cut and edit the videos with a program that he has on his computer. He puts the different clips together with music or sound effects. Adding music or sound effects makes the videos better I think. There have been a few videos that we will film, then when we come home I record myself talking and explaining what we are doing in the video and my dad is able to add my voice to the video.


InsaneScouter: What are the best ways for Scouts and Scouters to support you and your videos? 

Cub Scout Eric: The best way for Scouts and Scouters to support me is to share my videos with others. I really like being a Cub Scout. I look for ways to help others and what I can do to show others how much fun Scouting can be. I really like to play video games. If I never joined Cub Scouts I wouldn't have learned this much. If I end up playing video games for too long my parents tell me to look at my book and pick something new to work on. When I do that I find something new I want to learn and then it becomes fun learning it. I have had a few neighbor friends and cousins that have been guests in my videos because they have watched them and have seen how fun Scouts can be. One of my friends just joined Cub Scouts because he has had fun helping me in the videos and he loves it. I know that doing new things can be scary but it is so much more fun and less scary when you do it with others and it makes learning something new, fun. Another way to support me is to write comments. I do read the comments that people leave and try to do better or improve if there are suggestions for me.  

InsaneScouter: I have a few suggestions for your channel. 

All of your videos are pretty awesome, but if I had one complaint I would say they are too short. Maybe try a slightly longer format, maybe 5 to 6 mins.  The only other thing I have noticed is when you are doing the tour videos, for example of an amazing museum or factory, it is often hard to hear you. I am guessing, this is because you are too far from the camera’s mic or the camera is panning showing the place, so the mic is not facing you.  

Hopefully, the new Mic will solve this issue 

A few suggestions for future videos: 
  • Cook up foil packs, basically, you take various veggies and a chunk of meat wrapped up in foil. You let it cook in coals for 45 mins or so until done. Then eat, and have fun as clean up is a trash can away. 
  • Play the laughing game: the first person says “ha”, next person says “haha” and so on, each time adding one more ha. The first person to start laughing loses. This game is normally played while sitting around a campfire.  
    • Great Idea, I think we need to make this video 
  • Tour of a scouting museum (for example I am in Las Vegas and we have the Las Vegas International Scout Museum here) so maybe you can find one near you.
    • That would be a very fun adventure. 
  • Put on a round robin story. Normally done around a campfire, one person starts the story and then each person adds a sentence or two, to the story.
    • Might have to combine this with above suggestion. 
  • You could do some “Run-Ons” for example someone runs on stage yelling “It's all around me, it's all around me.” In a loud panicked voice. Someone else asks “What’s all around you?” while looking and sounding confused. The first person replies “Air!” and everyone runs off stage.
    • We did one similar to this.  I showed some videos. They are a lot of fun! 

I hope some of my readers will also share their own ideas in the comment section below.

 Please do! 

Thank you Eric, (and your parents) for taking the time to answer my questions. Keep those awesome videos coming. You are brave! This camera-shy scaredy cat and eagle scout salutes you.



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