Shaving & Chips quiz

Part I: Circle the correct answer

True False 1. A knife is NOT a toy.
True False 2. A dull knife is safer than a sharp knife.
True False 3. Dirt on a knife blade helps keep it sharp.
True False 4. A knife is handy for cutting bark off trees.
True False 5. Never carve your initials on anything that does NOT belong to you.
True False 6. A pocket knife should always be closed when it is not in use.


Part II: Fill in the blank

1. Close the blade with the ________________ of your hand.

2. A __________________ should never be used on something that will dull or break it.

Part III: Circle the correct answer

1. Always keep your knife (dry/wet) so it will not rust.

2. When using a knife, do not make (big/little) shavings or chips.

Data supplied by Pack 114


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