Readyman - It's an Emergency

Use the following words to complete each sentence. Each word is used only once.

alarm arson ax burn call crawl
drill emergency escape exit explode extinguisher
flammable fuse hazard homes hose hot
outlet panic plan roll scald smoke detector
  Sparky     water  


1. If trapped in smoke; ____________ under the smoke to safety.

2. Gasoline can ____________ near a flame or heat.

3. Electrical ____________ covers protect little children from shock.

4. A ____________ is used to put water on a fire.

5. Treat a minor burn with cool ____________.

6. Use the enclosed stairs marked "____________," not the elevator, to escape from a burning building.

7. Have a home fire ____________ now. It could save your life later.

8. Learn not to ____________.

9. ____________ is NFPA'S Fire safety dog.

10. If there is a fire, get out fast. Then ____________ the fire department.

11. ____________ is a crime. It is a fire set on purpose that does harm.

12. Unless trained to use a fire ____________, a person should get out and call the fire department.

13. Most fires in which people die happen in their own ____________.

14. A ____________ is an unsafe condition that exists in your home.

15. A ____________ can warn you of a fire before you might smell, hear, or see it.

16. If you smell smoke, don't open the door. Feel it to see if it's warm or ____________.

17. Fire fighters and paramedics respond to ____________ calls.

18. ____________ only causes more panic; set a calm example.

19. Make a home escape ____________. Practice it twice a year.

20. In case of fire, you must have two ____________ routes from your home.

21. A false ____________ may prevent fire fighters from getting to a real fire.

22. ____________ liquids catch fire easily.

23. Sometimes fire fighters need to use an ____________ to break through locked doors.

24. A ____________ disconnects overloaded electrical circuits.

25. If your clothes catch on fire, stop, drop, and ____________.

26. A hot liquid burn is a ____________.



1 crawl
2 explode
3 outlet

4 hose
5 water
6 exit

7 drill
8 burn
9 Sparky

10 call
11 Arson
12 extinguisher

13 homes
14 hazard
15 smoke detector

16 hot
17 emergency
18 Panic

19 plan
20 escape
21 alarm

22 Flammable
23 ax
24 fuse

25 roll
26 scald



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