Outdoorsman - Knotty Knots

Knot Descriptions
Match each description on the left to the appropriate knot name on the right.

  For tightening and loosening a rope easily and on guy lines. Square Knot
  For tying a rope to a post or ring; it's strong but easy to
Tautline Hitch
  For tying a rope to a tree or post. Clove Hitch
  Used when you want a loop that will not slip or close up;
used for rescue work.
Sheet Bend
  For tying two ropes together and for tying bandages
in first aid.
  For tying two ropes together, especially when one is
thicker than the other.
Two Half Hitches

Forget-Me "Knots"

Match the knot picture to the knot name.


Square Knot Tautline Hitch Clove Hitch
Sheet Bend Bowline Two Half Hitches

Data supplied by Pack 114


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