Engineer - Careers & Bridges

The Right "Man" for the Job!
Use a word from this list to fill in the correct answer.
Aeronautics Chemical Computer City Agricultural
Electrical Physical Industrial Mechanical Civil
  1. An engineer who designs plants to make water safe to drink - __________.
  2. An engineer who designs machines in a factory - _________________.
  3. An engineer who tests new processes and checks old ones in a chemical plant - ________________.
  4. An engineer who plans new circuits and directs workers in an electrical plant - ________________.
  5. An engineer who designs and tests new space techniques - ________________.
  6. An engineer who designs and tests new techniques for new equipment for industry - ___________________.
  7. An engineer who designs and tests equipment for farmers and ranchers - __________________.

Bridges & Machines
Use a word from this list to fill in the correct answer.
Catapult Pulleys Beam Bridge Plank Bridge Truss Bridge
Arch Bridge Suspension Bridge Levers Block & Tackle Pier Bridge
  1. A flat surface over two supports - ____________.
  2. A flat surface over three or more supports - ____________.
  3. A flat surface over an arched support - _______________.
  4. A flat surface with turned up edges - ______________.
  5. A bridge with sides made up of a series of triangles - ____________.
  6. A bridge that appears to hang from strong strung cables - ___________________.
  7. A pulley(s) and a rope or cable - _________________________.
  8. A slingshot or other device used to project something - ________________.

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