Theme Midway2(CONT)/04-06


Paper tubes
Newspaper or grocery bag
Masking tape
Glue mixture(flour & water)
Crush several sheets of newspaper into balls,
getting the size you want. Use masking tape
to secure the balls to the ends of the tube.
Using torn strips and glue mixture, place
three or four layers of strips over the entire
"bone". Shape ends while damp, adding
more strips as desired to give the ends a
"bone" shape. Dry and paint with paints.
They are lightweight and make great props.



2-liter bottle
newspaper strips
water/flour glue
Roll a "handle" of newspaper and put it on
top of the bottle. Cover with newspaper strips
dipped in the glue. Make little bumps of
newspaper and place them in various spots on
the bottle. Cover over again with strips dipped
in glue. Allow to dry. Paint with colors to
resemble a prehistoric Fred Flintstone club!



9 squares almond bark
12 to 14 pretzel rods
1 can mixed nuts.
Melt bark in the microwave. Spoon about 1 T.
of bark over the top half of the pretzel rod and
sprinkle on nuts. Drizzle a little more melted
bark over nuts. Allow bark to harden. Melt
more squares of bark. Turn pretzels over and
repeat. Chocolate chips can also be used.




Brown paper grocery bags
Open up to bags, soak in water, crinkle up,
and then press out. Allow to dry. Make a
vest, loincloth, hat, your choice. Paint with
your favorite colors.



White T-shirt
Shelf paper (self-adhesive)
Fabric paint
Paper plates
Small sponge
Dinosaur pattern
Cut shelf paper into 7" squares... Draw
dinosaur on the paper. Cut out the shape,
creating a stencil Lay T-shirt flat and put
thick paper or cardboard inside so paint
won't go through. Peel the adhesive from
shelf-paper and put on the shirt. Pour paint on
paper plate and, using a sponge, blot the
cutout dinosaur. Remove stencil carefully.
Allow the paint to dry before wearing.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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