Souper Gift  

Six cans of soup, 1" wide ribbon several feet long, decorations: Christmas
stickers, tag. Place three cans of soup on the middle of the ribbon, lying on
their sides. Place two more cans on the top of the three, then one on the top
of the two. It will look like a pyramid. Wrap the ribbon tightly around the cans so it forms a
Christmas tree shape from the side. Stickers can be added to the can tops. Attach a tag that says,
"Have a souper Christmas!"


Tortilla Snowflakes  

Place a flour tortilla on the cutting board. Using small cookie cutters or
scissors, cut shapes out of the tortilla and its edges, (like cutting a snowflake
out of paper) so it looks like a snowflake. Place on a cookie sheet and brush
with melted butter. Bake at 375 degrees for 4-6 minutes or until golden brown.
Sprinkle with powdered sugar or cinnamon and sugar. Can be hung as ornaments.


Reindeer Root Beer  

To be given as a gift. Purchase IBC or another brown glass bottle of root
beer. Decorate with fuzzy brown pipe cleaners, around the top of the bottle
just under the cap with an equal amount of pipe cleaner on either side. Cut
one pipe cleaner and twist around the one wrapped on the bottle, about 2
inches down from the top, forming the antler. Glue two craft wiggly eyes
below the antlers. Glue on a red pom-pom nose and tie a ribbon around the
"neck." Add a tag for gift giving.


Cookies for the Birds

Make sugar cookies with vegetable shortening instead of butter. Refrigerate the dough
for an hour, then roll out and cut into any shape desired...freeform a bird for extra fun. Bake as
suggested from a recipe used. Poke a hole in the top for hanging as soon as they come out of the
oven...(a skewer works great). Cool and frost with peanut butter. Press wild bird seed into the
peanut butter. Hang from the trees with twine or ribbon.


In a jar…variations  

Layered Cookie Mix...choose your favorite cookie recipe, especially with raisins or
chocolate chips. Layer the dry ingredients in a clear jar. Add a bow or decorate.
Copy the cookie recipe on a card and include it with the jar. Make note of the wet ingredients that
need to be added and include cooking time. Great for holiday giving.
S'mores Snowman Soup...Put all the ingredients for s'mores in a glass jar. Decorate the jar to
look like a snowman. Add instructions for making s'mores. For gift-giving.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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