In “My Family Tree” we are making a family tree.

Family Tree

Rock about the size of a cantaloupe or a piece of driftwood (referred to as the base)
18-gauge wire or larger (remember that the lower the gauge number, the thicker the wire)
needle nose pliers
The amount of wire will vary depending on the size of the boys’ family and the size of the rock
or driftwood.

Lay the base so that you have a north, south, east, and west side. Take the wire and place it so
that it runs north to south under the base and gather it at the top center. You will need 8” more
than this amount to cut the wire and repeat going east to west again. You will need 8” more to cut this
Now with a clean base, take your two pieces of wire and place them along their correct line
(n-s, e-w). Twist all ends together at the top center leaving about 1” straight. Now you will need
to cut additional wire depending on the number in the family at varying lengths. With needle nose pliers,
begin by taking one end and making a circle. Continue with your fingers making about a 1-2” circle
set aside, and continue with other wires.
Once all the wires are done, twist straight ends together and make a stem and attach it to the base
wires by twisting 1” wires around the stem.
In the last step, you take 18” of wire and wrap it around the stem to conceal your connections.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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