In “Play Ball” we are exploring the great outdoors and our favorite pastime.

Walking Stick

You will need a stick, something to add color, clear gloss, string/hemp/suede rope, and any other
decoration that is wanted.
The hardest part of this craft is finding the right size and type of stick. Take your boys out on a
hike in your local wooded area and begin looking for somewhat straight sticks. The top of the
stick should reach the boy's armpit. The stick should be sturdy but not cumbersome. Once
everyone has found his or her walking stick it is time to go home and add color. You can be very
creative here, use kool-aid, paint, dyes, or stain - anything that can add color. Just brush on the
color and then let it dry. Once the desired effect is reached brush, on clear gloss and let dry. At
the top of the stick tightly wind the rope (or whatever you are using.) A half hitch knot would
work great to end it and leave some dangling to add beads or decorations. Have fun and be

Utensil Holder

You will need:
A heavy piece of fabric 16” by 9”
Fabric glue
18” small rope or shoelace
Lay the fabric so that the short edges are at the top and bottom. Measure across the bottom
and make a mark every 2”. (The last section will be 3” wide.) Now apply glue in a straight line
from bottom edge upwards for 5” along both sides and along each mark. Fold the bottom up and
press firmly but do not rub as this will move your glue around and not make nice pockets. Flip
the project over and apply a 1” horizontal line of glue 3 ½” from the bottom and 1 ½” from the
right side. Lay the string on this line as shown. Allow all the glue to dry. This Utensil Holder
will accommodate 1 plastic silverware setting, salt and pepper packets, and a toothpick. You can
place a napkin in, fold down the top, roll it up and tie it.


References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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