Stuffed Turkey

Crayons or markers
Facial tissue.

Color the turkey any colors you like. Wild turkeys have feathers in shades of brown, but I like to add a few orange feathers for color. Cut out the pieces for the turkey on the outlines. You will have two bodies, two wings, and one tail. Glue Body. Put one body piece with the colored side down. Apply a small bead of glue on the edge along the back, around the head and neck, and halfway to the feet. Take the other body piece, colored side up, and lay on top of it. Press along the glue line to join. Let the glue set. Glue Wings. Fold back the tab on each wing. Apply glue to the tabs and attach one wing to each side of the body. Glue Tail. Cut the two slits in the center of the tail. Fold back the tabs on the body and insert one in each slit. Glue the tabs to the back of the tail. Stuff Turkey. Wait for the glue to dry completely. This is very important! Use a pencil or pen to gently open the pocket inside the turkey. Push the pencil up into the head. Use the pencil to push about a fourth of a tissue into the turkey's head. Push the rest of the tissue into the front of the body. Stand the turkey on its feet. If you have trouble getting it to stand, make sure the bottoms of the feet are flat and even. You can also bend the feet out. If the turkey falls back on its tail, add some weight to the front with more tissues, some tape, or a paperclip.


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