Soda Bottle Bird Feeder


• 1 piece 1” X 5” X 6” pine strip
• 1 piece 1” X 2” X 6” pine perch support

Hardware and miscellaneous:

• 1 plastic soda bottle - 2-liter size
• screw eyes, small size
• 3 brass screws #6, %” long
• Wood glue or Silicone glue
• 1 piece l/4” wood dowel 4’ long
• Tools Requires:
• Drill
• Heavy scissors
• Screwdriver
• Coping saw or Saber saw


1. Soak the 2-liter soda bottle in hot water. Remove the cover and the plastic
bottom. Note the plastic bottom should come off easily it you fill the bottle with
hot tap water to soften the hot melt glue that is used to hold the bottom in place.

2. Cut the bottle to shape as shown, using heavy scissors. Cut the bottle at the
shoulder slightly more than halfway leaving an overhanging lip or cowl. This
overhang will keep out the rain and protect the birds while feeding.

3. Cut the I x 2 facing in an arc that fits the shape of the bottle. You can use the
drawing as shown, but it is best to double-check and use the actual size of the
opening you have made.

4. Drill an l/4” hole. Into the 1 x 2 facing for the perch. Cut the l/4” dowel to a length
of 4” and glue and insert into the hole.

5. Measure and cut the pine strip to size and position and screw into place using
the small screw eyes. Note: It may be necessary to puncture the plastic to get the
screws started.

6. Position the 1 x 2 facing perch out and screw in place using three l/2” #6 brass

7. Hang the feeder from a tree branch using nylon string. Fill with birdseed and
sit back and watch the feast begin.

References / Source:
2003 Pirates of the Cirribean

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