Pirate Head Neckerchief Slide


• ½ English walnut shell
• Approximately 5” black telephone wire
• Small amount of plaster
• Approximately 2 ½” x 5 ¼” piece material
• A small pop-top ring (or something similar)
• Wire for earring
• 1 Wiggly eye
• Black felt for an eye patch
• Black yarn for mustache
• Felt markers

Break an English walnut in half carefully to keep shell halves whole and remove
the nutmeats carefully. Mix small amount of plaster and pour into half shell,
putting in pop can ring (or other item to hold onto scarf) before it hardens.

When the plaster is hardened, cut approximately 5” piece of black telephone wire.
Wrap the wire around the shell as shown-twisting the two ends together in the back and
press them flat against the plaster back so they will be covered by the bandana.

At right side of shell, fasten on a large earring made from flexible wire (this can
be done by wrapping wire around barrel of a wide tipped felt marker to form the
ring). Leave a little on the end to hang over the black eye patch wire and twist

Make an eye patch from felt, etc., and glue in place over the right eye. For the left
eye, glue on a wiggle eye (available at hobby stores). Make nose and mouth with
felt tip markers. Mustache can also be drawn or can be black yarn glued into

The bandana is a piece of bright-colored material and glued in place gathered
over to the left side of the pirate’s face and tied in place with a long narrow strip of
material or even easier to do is to hold it in place by using a piece of telephone
wire to match the material, twisting the two ends together tightly. However, yarn,
thread, etc. could be used.

When completed, this pirate neckerchief slide will look fierce enough for any
Scout to wear. The texture and color of the nut shell look much like the
weathered skin of a pirate who has sailed many seas. A coat of clear plastic
sprayed over the entire slide will help protect it.

References / Source:
2003 Pirates of the Caribbean

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