Dancing Dragon - Hiroshima Day - August 6th
8”x11” piece of cardboard
8” crepe paper
2 straws
Dragon pattern
Trace dragon pattern onto cardboard. Color
or paint. Cut out. Fold crepe paper
accordion style. Glue one end to the front of
the dragon. Then glue opposite end to end of
the dragon. Glue one straw to the front of
the dragon. Glue the other straw to the end of
the dragon. With a straw in each hand
move around to make the dragon dance.



Davy Crockett Pouch    
Born – August 17
Fabric cut 7 ½” x 5 ½”    
16” piece twine    
Needle & thread    
Beads, feathers   
Dream catcher (optional)
Safety pin

Fold-over top edge 1/2" and stitch. On the bottom edge, make cuts every 1/2" for a fringe effect.
Fold in half right sides together. Cut the last fringe off on both ends. Leave 1/2" seam. Stitch up the
side, leaving the top casing unstitched. Turn right side out. Stitch along the bottom next to the fringe
(be careful not to get too close to the edge of the fringe.) Pin the safety pin to the end of the twine and
thread through the casing. Decorate any way you want to. The pouch can hold your treasures, like
marbles, rocks, etc...

Reading Incentive Bookmark – Back to School Time  
Piece of paper 4"x 8"
Clear packing tape (or Laminate)
Stickers or permanent marker
Ribbon or twine about 8" to 10"
Fold the paper in half. Lay back flat and cut the top corner off of one side. Draw a chart down the front
of the paper (see example). Decorate to liking. Fold in half again and laminate, or use packing tape to
"laminate." Make a slit in laminate on the backside where the corner was cut off so that there is an
opening where you can put the stickers or marker. Use a paper punch to make a hole at the top.
Thread ribbon or twine through the hole. For every 20 minutes that you read you get to place a
sticker in a box (or make a checkmark in the box with the marker.) Store the stickers or markers in
the back slot. When all boxes are filled, make a deal with your parents to earn a reward.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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