HAMMER NOTE PAD – Father’s Day - June 19th  

Materials :
Pattern of hammer shape                    Glue gun
Black craft foam                                   Hot glue
Red craft foam                                     Pencil or pen
Gray craft foam                                    Clothespin
Small notepad


Trace pattern onto black foam. Leave a small
margin around the edge. Trace hammerhead
onto the gray foam. Trace the handle onto the red foam. Cut out all pieces.
Hot glue hammerhead and handle onto a black background. Glue
clothespin where the red and black join together. Cut a 1/2"x
1 1/4" piece of black foam. Cut slits in the black part of the hammer just
below the head and just above the handle. Slide black strip into
slits and hot glue in place on the back of the hammer. Place notepad
into the clothespin and slide the pen into foam slot.

(Other material suggestions: You could use cardstock or construction
paper instead of craft foam. You can make your own notepad
by taking 2 or 3 pieces of 8”x11” paper – fold into thirds
vertically and in half horizontally. Then cut out. Hot glue
all pieces together at the top.)

FLAG – Flag Day - June 14th  

1 Piece of Wood / Cardboard (5"x 11")
1 ripped piece of navy blue fabric ( 3"x 4 1/2")
3 ripped strips of red fabric ( 1"x 11" )
2 ripped strips of white fabric ( 1"x 11" )
1 ripped strip of white fabric ( 1"x 5")
Wall hanger
13 small white buttons (or try to find star buttons)
White glue, hot glue, pliers

Drill a small hole on each top end of the wood.  
Starting at the top, attach a red strip, then a
white strip, red strip, etc. with white glue. Then place the blue
rectangle in the upper-left corner. Put the wire through the holes.
Twist with pliers. Tie small white fabric to the wire. Glue buttons
onto blue fabric with hot glue.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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