• small woodsies – squares & triangles• thin cardboard• paint or paint markers• craft glue• adhesive-backed magnet

• Arrange woodsies to resemble a quilt block. Cut a piece of cardboard the size of the assembled pieces. Paint pieces as desired. Glue to cardboard. Stick magnet on the back.



• cereal box • green paper • green craft foam • scissors• pencil • glue • small plastic bug • small washer • paint paddle • ½” round magnet

• Spread glue on the insides of the box flaps and turn them to the inside of the box. Cover box with green paper. Draw lines on top of the box where the maze will go. Cut ½” strips of green foam with a jagged edge on one side to simulate grass. Trace over pencil lines with thick craft glue. Cut strips to fit and place on glue lines. Glue washer to the bottom of the bug. Glue magnet to one end of the paint paddle. When the glue is dry, move the bug by moving the magnet on the underside of the maze inside the box.



• plain colored oven mitt or hot pad • pencil • fabric paint

• Lightly draw picture or design on the back of oven mitt. Decorate with fabric paint.




• 2 paper plates • crayon shavings • waxed paper • scissors • string • iron • glue • paper towels • newspaper

• Cut the centers of the plates out, leaving the rims. Cut two pieces of waxed paper a little bit larger than the opening in the plates. Place a section of newspaper down with a paper towel on top. Place one circle of waxed paper on a paper towel. Make a picture or design with crayon shavings, cover with a second circle. Cover circle with paper towels and press with warm iron until the crayon is melted. Put glue inside one plate rim, center wax paper inside, then put another rim on top, first placing a string hanger between the layers.



• empty pop can • craft glue • rubber bands • craft sticks • paint • clear acrylic spray • plaster or gravel • glue gun • artificial flowers • 4 x 6 American Flag

• Glue craft sticks around the can. Use rubber bands to help hold them until the glue dries. When dry, paint sticks as desired then spray with clear acrylic. Fill can about 1/3 full of plaster or gravel. Place flag through a hole in the can. Glue flowers on top of the can with hot glue.






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