The Bear is a large fur-bearing animal found mainly in
northern countries. Most Bears will not harm a person unless
wounded or cornered. A Bear will eat almost anything!
Hamburgers, tacos, hotdogs, a day-old half-eaten apple, and bubble
gum are his favorites. Most Bears look and act very clumsy. But
their ability to run or climb trees, especially when asked to help
mom and dad, or when a girl is near, disproves this. I’ve seen
some Bear cubs who could out-run a bike, uphill, while drinking a soda.
He lives at home, but can be found almost anywhere; up a tree, in a cave, under a log, or
running away from the lawnmower. He likes to sleep late, Monday thru Friday, but likes to get
up before dawn on Saturday and Sunday. The young Bears are called Cubs. They are very
playful and full of mischief. But if one is trapped young enough, they can be trained to do many
tricks: combing their hair, brushing their teeth, or even with luck, to leave the TV long enough to
have dinner.
The only Bears found here in (your city) are called Bear Cub Scouts. Our Bear Cub
Scouts have been taught many tricks and are well trained. They can tell us about wildlife, plant a
tree, work with wood, write a story, and most of all, make us proud!
Place some clues around the room on large pieces of paper labeled “clues.”
Tonight we have the privilege of recognizing members of our pack that have earned
badges this month.
Cubmaster enters with a magnifying glass wearing a sleuth hat and searches around the room
saying, “I hear there is a mystery to solve tonight. Let’s see if we can find the clues to solve the
mystery. [Finds a clue]. Here’s a clue. It says, “(Boy’s name) gets a bear.” What in the world
does that mean? [Searches around and finds another clue]. Reads it, “(Boy’s name) gets an
arrow. Wow, what does that mean?” [Finds other awards – still puzzling about what they mean].
Finally asks, “What is the answer?”
Den leader: I know! I know!
Cubmaster: Well, what is the solution? [Hands the clues to the den leader]
Den leader names boys that are getting an award and they come up with their parents and get
awarded. Den leader for other dens has their boys come up also. Have the mother’s pin for the
boy to pin on his mother.
Leaders praise your Cubs for their accomplishments and be SINCERE lest your words sound like
“tinkling brass.”
Parting Thought: (Truisms and Pithy sayings)
1. Mmm, mmm good - that’s what a den chief is, mmm, mmm good.
2. The heartbeat of America - today’s Cub Scouts.
3. Cub Scout den meetings - kid-tested, mother approved.
4. It’s still going. There’s nothing that outlasts a den leader. They just keep going and going
and going and going.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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