Summer is the time for getting wet. Before any water activity,
review the buddy system with the Cubs and insist that it is used at all times
whenever they are in the water. All activities in water need to be
supervised by an adult who has completed the Safe Swim Defense training
and they must have a commitment card with them.

1) Cut shark fins from poster paper and staple them to the side of a 2x4 so that they stick up.
2) Spread a blue tarp on the floor, crumple it up to look like waves.
3) Put the shark fins in the water.
4) Lay a 2x4 across for a bridge.

In order to get your awards, you are going to have to cross the bridge
without falling into the water because the sharks are waiting there to eat
you. This is what life is like - if you get involved in tobacco, drugs,
cheating in school, stealing, or telling lies, you are falling off the bridge;
and you might drown or be eaten. Cub Scouting helps by teaching you to
be honest, do your best and do good deeds. Your parents will guide you, so trust in them.

Have the boy’s parents and Cub leaders come forward and hold hands as the boy walks across
the bridge and holds their hands as he receives his awards. Then have him pin his mother with
her mother’s pin. Repeat this procedure for each boy.

Parting thought:
Leader Induction Ceremonies are also important to help the individual realize that they are a
valued member of the pack. One way of doing this is when a new leader is announced to the
pack, bring him or her upfront and present the person with a Leader Survival Kit. Hold up each
item so all can see as you present the items.
1. A rubber band to remind them to be flexible.
2. A piece of sandpaper to smooth out the rough edges.
3. A packet of yeast so they can rise to the occasion.
4. A few marbles to replace the ones they lose.
5. A safety pin to help them hold it all together.
6. And a chocolate kiss in appreciation for their willingness to serve as a Cub Scout leader.
-Val Chatwin-

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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