Recognition is important to boys. Giving a boy (and don’t forget his parents) appropriate
recognition will inspire him to work even harder to complete the requirements toward his next
award. DO NOT just hand the boy his award with a handshake, for that will raise the question in
his mind whether the badge was really such a big deal. This type of disappointment could
dampen the boy's enthusiasm for the Cub Scouting program, and later, Boy Scouts.
The advancement program provides fun for the boys and a realization of personal
accomplishment, as they earn awards, which in turn, strengthens family ties as they work
together on advancement projects.
1) Decorate a large box that someone can sit in or a card table with a hole in the middle (word of
caution - ask wife before cutting a hole in the table.)
2) Place a box decorated like a computer on top.
Did you know that a Utah native by the name of Philo Farnsworth invented the first television?
All of us can’t be geniuses and invent things that change the lives of others; but we can all decide
to be a light to our families, our county, our state, and our community by doing good deeds.
Cubmaster apologizes for not picking up awards then says, “Let’s see if the computer can figure
it out.” Have the boy come up with his parents. Put a card into the computer with the boy’s name
and awards listed. The computer lights flash, bells ring, and then it spits out the awards. Tell them
things that he has done to earn the awards. Present the awards to the boy. And have him pin his
mother with her mother’s pin.

After all the awards have been given out in a like manner, have fun with the computer:
1) Put in a parent’s name, the computer shakes, grinds then sends out a long tape that says
2) Feed in a package of seeds - a plant comes out.
3) Put in a stick - finished wood item comes out.
4) Put in a candy bar - out comes a wrapper.
5) Put in broccoli - which comes out intact untouched.
6) Put in a card - nothing happens. Kick side of computer - out
comes a tilt card.

Parting Thought:
Remember, as Cub Scouters, YOU are at the forefront of molding the future citizens of this
great nation. It is time to take stock of what you have done recently to keep your potters wheel
in good repair.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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