Extra! Extra!

Publish rank advancements and activity badge achievements for the
boys in the local newspaper and/or church newsletter. The column could
be called “Cub Scout Corner.” List each boy’s pertinent information along
with rank advancements and/or activity badges.
It is very important that the boys are recognized for their efforts
when they obtain their rank advancements and activity badges. This
should be done in a timely manner, preferably at the monthly pack meeting
and not the den meetings. Present the awards to the boys with a
memorable ceremony which is not difficult or overly time-consuming, for the wheel has already
been invented.
See B.S.A pub. #332122B Ceremonies for Den and Packs.


1) Attach old newspapers on an appropriate backstop (wall curtain, or portable blackboard). Use
one for each boy to be awarded. Put their name where the headlines are, and hang the awards on
the paper using reclosable plastic storage bags. This arrangement can be used for all of the boys
receiving advancements and/or badges.
2) Leaders dress in ancient Roman-type apparel. A toga can be made out of an old sheet.
Did you know that the first medium used to spread news and information is believed to
be the Acra Diurna “Daily Events” founded by Julius Caesar in 59 B.C? It
was posted in prominent areas and gathering places all over Rome.
The daily paper contained news items as well as birth, death, and
marriage announcements, updates on criminal trials and executions, and even
news of sporting and theatrical events.
Have a newsboy run in waving a newspaper, crying, “Extra! Extra! Read all
about it!” Have each boy come up with his parents and read off all the things that he has done to
get to this point. Then give him his award(s) (badge, arrow points, activity badge, certificate,
medal, etc.). Also, have the advancement mother’s pin for the boy to pin on his mother. And if
necessary, remind him to kiss his mother.
Parting thought:
Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm so be enthusiastic for the work. You will find that the rewards
you reap are great.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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