Here are some fun games for your Cub Scouts to play at a den meeting or with their families at
a pack meeting. Most can be played outside or with a little adaptation, you can play them inside if
the weather gets bad.

Penguin Football

Give each person a rag about four inches wide and two feet long (sheets torn into strips
work well). Each person then ties the rag securely around his knees to make running impossible.
Players can move only by shuffling their feet. Now divide into teams and play football using a
foam football. The games become hilarious when players must hike, run, throw, and kick with
their knees tied together. Of course, this opens up the possibility of playing Penguin Baseball,
Penguin Volleyball, Penguin Soccer, and countless other Penguin games.

Monkey Soccer

Yet another way to make your next soccer game even more challenging is to have players
play any version of soccer using their fists to advance the ball, rather than their feet. Players
must move in a squatting position, so their hands almost touch the floor.

On The Ball Relay

Make two piles of balls at one end of your game room, each with a basketball, a soccer
ball, and a softball in it. Form two teams and have them each line up a single file across from one
pile of balls, at least 30 feet away. On “go,” the first person on each team races to the basketball
and tries to balance on top of it for at least 2 seconds. (You'll need an adult volunteer standing
near each team's ball as a safety spotter and timer.) As soon as a racer holds his balance for 2
seconds he races back to tag the next person in line. After each person on a team has balanced
on the basketball, team members must each race to balance on the soccer ball for 2 seconds.
Finally, replace the soccer ball with the softball and have the boys do the same thing. The first
team to have its last person cross the finish line after balancing on the softball wins.

Ping-Pong Ball Float

For this relay, divide your boys into teams. Each team will need an empty #10 can, a
ping-pong ball, a bucket of water, a towel, and a boy who is willing to get very, very wet.
The boy who has volunteered to get wet lies on his back about ten yards from his team
who are in a single-file line. Place the empty can on his stomach or chest. Put the ping-pong
ball in the empty can. Each team has a bucket full of water. As the game begins, each player,
one at a time, uses his cupped hands to carry water from the team's bucket to the can. As the can
fills with water, the ping-pong ball rises in the can. As soon as it is high enough, a player tries to
remove it from the can with his mouth. If the ball cannot be removed, the player runs to the end
of his team’s line, and the next player takes a turn. The first team to get the ping-pong ball out of
the can (no hands) and back across the finish line wins.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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