Ping Pong Party Race

Set up a winding course in the game room by setting out chairs or other objects to mark
the boundaries. Form two teams and give each team a Ping-Pong ball. Have half the members
of each team line up at the beginning of the course and half line up at the end. Give kids each a
curled-blower party favor and tell them they're going to participate in a relay race in which the
goal is to push the ping pong ball through the course by blowing at it through their party favors.
The first person on each team must race the team's ball to the other end of the course,
then the second person on each team will race the balls back (and so on for as many people as
you have on each team). Tell kids it's permissible to sabotage an opponent's race by blowing his
ball off course. But remind them that the object of the game is to win the race—not just to
harass the other team.
When teams are ready, start the race. It's OK if kids' balls go off the course. Just direct
them to blow the ball back on the track before continuing the race. The first team to finish the
race wins.

Dodge Ball in the Round

Have players form two circles, one inside the other. Tell kids in the inner circle to join
hands and run or skip around clockwise.
Toss the kickball to the kids in the outer circle. Tell them the object of the game is to use
the ball to try to hit the legs of the player in the inner circle. When a player is hit, he joins the
outer circle and continues to play. Inner circle players may jump, run or open their legs, but they
may not break the circle. If someone from the outer circle tosses the ball and hits someone
above the waist, the outer circle person must join the inner circle. The game is over when all the
inside players have joined the outer circle. Repeat the game, having the original teams switch

Water Balloon Dodge Ball

This game is exactly like dodge ball, except use water balloons. Line one team up
against the wall and the other team a minimum of twenty feet back. The last person to get hit by
a water balloon wins.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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