Clothespin Wrestlers: Decorate at least two clothespins with
different colors, and draw the meanest-looking faces you can. (Round
clothespins work best). Use a wide rubber band to tie two wrestlers  
together as shown in the illustration. Wind up the wrestlers (not too
tight), and carefully put them down. They will wrestle for a few seconds.
The winner will end up on top.

Racing Spools: Hammer a carpet tack into one side of
the top of a wooden spool (available in craft stores). Cut a small
stick or twig to about 4 or 5 inches long. Push a rubber band
through the hole in the center of the spool and loop one end
around the tack. Ideally, the rubber band should just stick out
the other end of the spool. If it is much too long, you can
double it up, tie a knot to shorten it, or try to find a shorter
rubber band. Slip a flat washer over the free end of the rubber
band, then push the stick about 1 inch through the rubber band
loop. You're now ready for the first test race. Hold the racing
spool in one hand and wind up the stick. Carefully put the racer on the floor, take aim, and let go.

Squishers: Pull a large (11-inch) balloon onto the end of a funnel. Pour in flour or fine sand.
Use a pencil to gently pack the flour or sand into the balloon. Tap and squish to get rid of air. Tie
a knot and pull it tight. Use to squish (they feel good); to toss, play catch or basketball; or play
hackeysack (keep the squisher off the ground using only your two feet; juggle them.)

Pin Ball Bowl:
1. Cover 5 toilet paper tubes with construction paper and paint the numbers 1 to 5 on them.
2. Cover a fat tube with construction paper. Punch holes in opposite sides at one end of both the
fat tube and a narrow tube.
3. Tape over the end of the narrow tube, which doesn't have holes.
4. Attach rubber bands to the fat tube.
5. Put the thin tube inside the fat tube.
6. Push rubber band ends through holes in the thin tube.
7. Tie rubber bands together with yarn.
8. Crumple aluminum foil into balls, which will fit loosely in the
fat tube.
9. Stand the short tubes up in a V shape. To shoot, load a ball,
pull back the inside tube, and let go. Add
up the points printed on the pins you've
knocked down. The player with the most
points wins.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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