Materials Needed: none
How to Play:
Divide the group into pairs. Have partners link elbows and stand in a very large circle,
leaving at least 10 feet between each pair. Now designate one player as the Policeman and chose
another player as the Homeless Person. The Policeman is to chase the Homeless Person. When
the Policeman tags the Homeless Person, he becomes the Policeman. However, if the Homeless
Person wants to escape, he runs toward one of the standing couples and links elbows with the
pair to make a threesome.
In this game, two is company but three is a crowd. When the Homeless Person latches
on, the member of the pair whose arm he did not take must break away and run. This player
instantly becomes the new Homeless Person. The Policeman chases him until he reaches another
pair for safety.


Materials Needed: enough chairs for all players but one I
How to Play:
All players are seated in a circle on chairs facing toward the center of the circle. One
player is left without a chair. This player is Santa. Each seated player is given the name of a toy.
Santa walks around the inside of the circle and says, "Santa packed his bag and in it he put a
__________" (naming one of the toys).
Players representing the toys that Santa names get up and follow him around the circle.
Suddenly Santa calls, "and the bag broke!" All of the players scramble for chairs, including
Santa. The player left without a chair becomes Santa for the next round.


Materials Needed: A good memory (a paper and pencil for the den leader with a short memory)
How to Play:
To start, the first player says, "I'm so hungry, I could eat . . ." The player names a healthy
food that begins with the letter A such as apple, almonds, artichokes, etc.. The second player
adds another healthy food starting with the letter B. "I'm so hungry I could eat an apple and a
banana." The third player must state both foods and add a healthy food beginning with the letter
C. "I'm so hungry I could eat an apple, a banana, and a cucumber." See if your pack has the
memory it takes to be eating Artichokes through Zucchini.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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