Alexander's Rag Time Band

Alexander the Great

Props: Colored strips of cloth for each participant, spears, and shields if desired.

Announcer: In this skit, ALEXANDER THE GREAT has called all his officers together to plan the next day's battle when they will make the big attack on Russia.

Alex: Now men, the key to tomorrow's attack will be coordinated. Each of you Generals will need to have your men begin the attack at the same moment.

General #1: How can we do that great leader? We will be so far apart we can't see each other and clocks haven't been invented yet.

Alex: [very wisely] I've commanded my chief scientist to solve the problem. It was either do it or lose his head. Mortimer, get in here, now!

Mortimer: [bumbling in] I'm here master! I've done it, I've done it! I've invented TIME! Here, everybody [passes out cloths] tie this red rag around your wrist. I've dipped it in a new miracle chemical I invented in my tent. When it's time to start the battle they will all turn blue. Alexander and Generals tie band on wrist]

Alex: That's wonderful Mortimer. What do you call your new invention?



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