Trip To The Moon

Cast:  Controlman,  2 Spacemen,  President,  Man-In-The-Moon,  2 Space Mice
Props:  Spaceship, Telescope, Moon with door big enough for head to stick out, Chair
Setting:  (As curtain opens, Controlman is looking at the moon through a telescope, at left. Spaceship stands close by. Man-in-the-Moon & Space Mice are hidden behind moon on opposite side of stage. Spacemen enter at left, helmets under left arms and they approach Controlman.

1st Spaceman:  Has the President arrived?
Controlman:  Not yet.

2ND Spaceman: I hope he won’t be late. We have no time to waste.

Controlman:  (looking through telescope) That’s right. The moon is in good position for a perfect landing.
(Enter PRESIDENT of U.S. Play a few bars of “Hail to the Chief” as he enters. Spacemen & Controlman stand at attention.)

President:  This is a great day for our country. I don’t know what we would do without you brave Cub Scouts, who are willing to risk your lives on this dangerous mission to the moon. I can only wish you good luck. (President goes to a chair to the left to watch take-off.)

Controlman:  Get ready for the countdown. (He sits at control panel.)

Spacemen: put on your helmets and get behind the space ship.

1ST Spaceman: We’re ready.

Controlman:  Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One Blast Off !
(Spacemen slowly pick up space ship, turn it to horizontal position and walk very slowly across the stage to the moon.)

2ND Spaceman: We’ve been out here in space for a long time now. When do you think we’ll reach the moon?

1ST Spaceman: We should be there very soon now.
(Spaceman arrive at Moon, sticking it with point of Space Ship.)

Man-In-The-Moon: Ouch! What stuck me?
(Spacemen stand ship on end)

2ND Spaceman: Who said that?

1ST Spaceman: There must be someone hereafter all.

Man-In-The-Moon: (Opening- door in the Moon & sticking his head out.)  Of course there is!  Haven’t you ever heard of the Man-in-the-Moon?

2ND Spaceman: Yes, but I thought that was a fairy tale!

Man-in-The-Moon: No, indeed!  I’ve been here a long time.

1ST Spaceman: Can you tell us if we are the first earth people here?

Man-In-The-Moon: Yes, you are the first People. Another ship landed before yours did, though.  There were mice in that one.
(Space Mice come from behind moon, one on either side.)

1ST Mouse: Did you call us?

2ND Spaceman: What in the universe are you doing here?

2ND Mouse: The Russians shot us up here!

1ST Mouse: We were supposed to go back to earth, but we wouldn’t go.

2ND Mouse: We like it here.  We’re going to stay forever!

1ST Spaceman: But how can you live here?  What can you find to eat?

1ST Mouse: Find to eat?  We never had it so good!

2ND Mouse: You mean you don’t know.  You never heard?

Both Mice: The moon is REALLY made of GREEN CHEESE!
(SPACEMEN faint as CURTAIN falls).


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