The Failing Engine

Props: Seating for the pilot and two rows for passengers.

Announcer: This skit takes place on an airplane.

[Participants enter and form up in two rows, seated. The Announcer becomes the pilot at the front. Various sound effects of flying are suitable]

[The plane is flying along when the pilot announces:]

Pilot: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry to tell you that the far Starboard engine is overheating, and the engineer is going to shut it down. Don't worry. The plane is quite able to fly on three engines, but the flight will take about an hour longer.

Passengers: [Mumble unhappiness, then settle down.]

Pilot: [A few moments later] Ladies and gentlemen, I must tell you that the outside port engine has low oil pressure, and the engineer must shut it down also. Again, don't worry, as the plane will fly on two engines, but we will be delayed by 2 hours.

Passengers: [More disgruntled mumbling, then sound of engine sputtering]

Pilot: [After more flying, with a tightly controlled voice] This is your pilot. You will have noticed that the engineer has shut down the remaining port engine due to a faulty fuel line. The plane will fly on one engine, but this is very difficult, and we will arrive 4 hours late!

Passenger #3: [loud voice] What a rotten airline. If that last engine goes, we'll be up here forever.


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