Ten Little Settlers


10 SETTLERS (the play opens with the 1st settler on stage)
INDIANS             (on stage, in the background.)
TURKEY              (keeps wandering back and forth on stage.)

(Settlers read their own parts or a NARRATOR can read their parts as the settlers enter.)
1ST SETTLER:          

1 little settler
                         Discovering the land.
                         Along came another                   (2nd Settler enters and shakes hand of 1st settler.)
                         To offer a hand.

2ND SETTLER:          

2 little settlers
                         Happy and free.
                         One came to build a home             (3rd Settler enters with hammer and nails.)
                         Then there were 3.

3RD SETTLER:          

3 little settlers
                         Clearing the shore.
                         1 came to till the soil,             (4th Settler enters with a shovel.)
                         Then there were 4.

4TH SETTLER:          

4, through the winter
                         Fight to survive;
                         Share with a brother.                (5th Settler enters with a blanket.)
                         Then there were 5.

5TH SETTLER:          

5 In the spring,
                         Tending fields and chicks,
                         Make friends with another.           (6th Settler enters carrying a brown bag that says
                         Then there were 6.                         grain.)

6TH SETTLER:          

6 In the summer’s heat,
                         Pray now to Heaven
                         For the land’s bounty.               (7th Settler enters with bag of potatoes.)
                         Then there were 7.

7TH SETTLER:          

7 little settlers
                         Glean a harvest great.
                         A farmer came to offer help,         (8th Settler enters with a rake or hoe.)
                         Then there were 8.

8TH SETTLER:          

8 little settlers,
                         Resting by the pine.
                         In came the hunter,                  (9th Settler enters with the turkey.)
                         And then there were 9.

9TH SETTLER:          

9 little settlers
                         Home from the glen
                         Called for the cook;                 (10th Settler enters in white apron.)
                         Then there were 10.

10TH SETTLER:         

10 little settlers
                         Hungry all day...                                          (All settlers are sitting in a circle. Turkey is in the
                         Ready to enjoy                                            middle. While the settlers are talking, the turkey
                         The first Thanksgiving Day!                         gets up and runs away!)


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