Skits & Storytelling/02-04


Tommy: I can fix it!
Dad: Be careful, son.
Wrench: Oh, nuts!
Screwdriver: Straight or Phillips?
Bike: Drrrinnngggg.
Pliers: Hold me tight.

Tommy had a problem. His bike was broken. Now Tommy and his dog, Ralph, could not ride to the park to play with his friends. But Tommy, being a very smart Cub Scout, knew how to fix the bike. However, he needed a wrench, a pair of pliers, and a screwdriver. So he asked his dad if he could borrow a wrench, a pair of pliers, and a screwdriver. His dad said, "Sure, but make sure you take care of them and return them as soon as you're finished." "I will, Dad," said Tommy.

So Tommy and Ralph went into the backyard to fix his bike with the wrench, pliers, and screwdriver. Since Tommy knew how to use a wrench, a pair of pliers, and a screwdriver, the bike was fixed in no time and ready to ride. Ralph helped all he could. Tommy took a quick spin to make sure everything was all right and then called Ralph to go with him to the park. "Oh, I'd better return these tools to Dad before we go," said Tommy. But when he reached for the tools, the pliers and screwdriver were there, but the wrench was missing. "Oh no! What would Dad think?" said Tommy. He looked around for the wrench. He looked in the bushes, but no wrench. He looked all over the yard, but no wrench! Finally, he noticed Ralph digging in the garden. Tommy went over to Ralph and there was the wrench in his bone hole. So the wrench was found. And Tommy was able to return the wrench, the pliers, and the screwdriver to his Dad. Everyone was happy the bike was all fixed, except Ralph!

Why Does It Do That?

Cub 1: Hey, George, what are you doing?
George: Mrs. J asked me to vacuum the den meeting room since I got here early. The problem is, that the darn vacuum won't work.
Cub 1: Well, if it won't work, let's check the wheels. (Check wheels, they work. Enter Cub 2)
George: Mrs. J wants the den room vacuumed, but it doesn't work.
Cub 2: Have you checked the vacuum intake? (Turn it over, check the intake, it's okay)
Cub 3: You guys look like you have some trouble. What's up?
George: Well, Mrs. J wants the den room vacuumed, but the vacuum won't work.
Cub 3: Well, I would suggest you try the switch. (Try it; it works.)
Cub 4: Hey guys, what's happening?
ALL CUBS: We'll play with you later. We've got to get this vacuum working.
Cub 4: I can see what is wrong and I can fix it!
ALL CUBS: Sure you can!
CUB 4: (walks over and plugs in vacuum)

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Great Salt Lake Council

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