Post Office / King's Royal Paper

Version 1

Post Office Clerk, People in line, Person, a few letters and small boxes, and one wrapped box with a roll of toilet paper in it.
Setting: Post Office (Person is last in line, the clerk is behind a desk, serving people, a box with toilet paper)

1: 5 stamps, please.
Clerk: $2.00, please.
2: My mail, please. (Clerk hands it to him.)
3: This to Albuquerque.
The clerk takes it.
4: Has my package arrived yet?
Clerk: (Checks.) No, I'm sorry Sir.
(Next day, the same type scenario occurs, with person 4 always last in line, always asking for his package, which hasn't arrived yet. Each day this repeats, his legs become more and more crossed, he's more fidgety, more nervous, more anxious, more desperate, till finally, on the last day he's up again.)
4: (Yelling out) Has my package arrived yet?
Clerk: Yes Sir! Here it is!
4: (Relieved, tearing open the box and holding up toilet paper) Thank you! Now I can go to the washroom!

Version 2: The King's Royal Paper

Essentially the same type of cast plus a guard;
You also need a newspaper, a notepad, scrap paper, cardboard and so on.

Have servants ham it up when their head is about to be cut off.
King: I want my Royal Paper!
1: Here, Sire, The Royal newspaper!
King: No! That's not it! Guard, Off with his head!
2: Sire! Your Royal Writing paper!
King: Fool! Off with his head!
3: Your Highness! Here is The Royal Scratch Paper! King: (Furious) If I wanted to draw I'd have called for Crayons! Off with his head!
4: Your Grace! Here is the Royal Paper! (Hands him the toilet paper.)
King: Thank you! (Runs off to the washroom.)


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