Pencil Salesman

A sales manager is trying to teach a dumb salesman how to sell. The manager tells the trainee to listen to him carefully, and he will teach him how to sell. He gives him the following instructions:

1) Hold pencils in your hand and say, "Pencils for sale." Practice saying that.

2) Next people will ask how much they are so say, "Ten cents. Three for a quarter."

3) Then they will ask what color, so you tell them yellow.

4) Now they will either buy them or they won't. If they don't buy, say, "If you don't, someone else will."

The manager has him repeat the instructions back and leaves him on his own. What happens is that the trainee is left on his own and starts calling out pencils for sale when another person rushes by, and the trainee doesn't notice him, and they collide, falling to the ground. They have the following dialogue:

1) The customer asks if he knows how much the suit cost, and the trainee tells him ten cents, three for a quarter.

2) The customer getting mad, asks the trainee who do you think I am? To which the trainee replies, "Yellow."

3) The customer really mad says, "Do you want someone to punch you in the nose." To which the trainee replies, "If you don't, someone else will."

At this point, the customer beats up the trainee salesman, and they leave the stage.


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