Life On Other Planets

Boys come out representing each planet

Mercury: (Jumping around) You'd really get a hot foot if you lived on me. The temperature is 950 on Mercury.

Venus: (Moving hands as if parting fog) You might think that Venus is lovely as can be. But with these 200 mile thick clouds if is sure hard to see.

Mars: (Dressed in red) From its canals to polar caps Mars is hard to understand. I'm frozen ice and barren rocks, but I do the best I can.

Jupiter: (Strolling with hands behind back) If you like to walk in the moonlight, you'd love to live on me because I have not just one moon but thirteen for you to see.

Saturn: (Wearing a lab coat, a la Carl Sagan) I'm not just a 3-ring circus as people thought me to be. For Saturn has billions and billions of bands that you can see for free.

Neptune: (Wearing a lab coat and shivering) I'm named for King Neptune who lives in the depths of the sea. But old King Neptune would be a frozen fish if he were to live on me.

Uranus: (Wearing big boots and picking up feet with difficulty trying to walk.) I'm so much bigger than the Earth that walking would not be fun. Each step would just exhaust you. On Uranus you'd weigh a ton.

Pluto: (Smallest Cub with thumbs stuck under suspenders) I may be last. I may be least. I'm even harder to find.
But as long as you remember I'm Pluto, I guess I really don't mind.

Earth: You've heard from all my neighbors and what they have to give. Now aren't you glad that it's on Earth that you decided to live?


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