Going Places

This is a question and answer skit for up to 9 Cubs. Two sets of answers are given and
should be used according to whether you wish the skit to be serious or silly. A cub can
read each riddle and another cub may answer, or the audience can be asked to guess the

QUES 1.         I can run fast. I have four legs. My fuel is oats. Last year a friend of mine
                won the Kentucky Derby. What am I?
                Ans. A horse.
                Ans. 2 Oatmeal-eating cubs who have a horse for a friend.

QUES 2.         I run on boy power. I run on the streets, never on sidewalks. I have two
                wheels. I have spokes and peddles. What am I?
                Ans. A bike.
                Ans. 2 Two unicycles.

QUES 3.         I have 2 wheels. I have a roll bar. My pedals are as high as the seat. I have
                a lot of chrome. What am I?
                Ans. A motorcycle.
                Ans. 2 “Souped-up” unicycles.

QUES 4.         I have 4 wheels. I usually have an air-cooled rear engine. You can spot me
                on sight. I run on sand. What am I?
                Ans. A dune buggy.
                Ans. 2 A unique Volkswagen that ran off the road in the desert.

QUES 5.         I have a horn. I have two bright eyes. I have 4 wheels. I run on the street.
                What am I?
                Ans. A car.
                Ans. 2 A unicorn on wheels on a highway.

QUES 6.         My horn goes toot-toot. My engine goes Choo-Choo. I don’t always have
                the same number of parts. What am I?
                Ans. A train.
                Ans. 2 A Cadillac with a problem.

QUES 7.         I fly through the air with the greatest of ease. I have a nose and 2 big
                wings. What am I?
                Ans. A plane.
                Ans. 2 A trapeze artist with wings.

QUES 8.         Sometimes I am self-propelled. Sometimes you have to help me. I skim
                over the water at various speeds. What am I?
        Ans. A boat.
        Ans. 2 A beginning water skier.

QUES 9. I could go right through your ceiling if I could fit in your house. I’m going
        to the moon to find some cheese. What: am I?
        Ans. A rocket.
        Ans. 2 A hungry, two-ton mouse.


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